Friday, December 31, 2010

MasterChef OZ

Who ever thought that watching a cooking competition can inspire you? I just watched the grand finale of the Master Chef Australia. I’ve been following the show since the beginning. Watching those guys cooking and baking, they’ve put up a great effort to cook such a wonderful dish. The most important thing is that, they showed enthusiasm, passion of doing the thing that they love the most. That reminds me to do the same. I was deeply touched when Callum said that his late father had once said to him,

“If you like to do something, show your passion to it. There’s no point of doing thing that you don’t like, because in the end you’ll be crying because of it”

I would like to take this opportunity to wish a great new year. May all of us have a prosperous and blissful year up ahead, InsyaAllah. Eat well, sleep well, study well, spend well, Ibadah well.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Good Guys Finish Last

It’s Normal. Saya Pernah Gagal dan Saya Okay.

Throughout my academic life I have faced many failure. When I was in kindergarten, I had once got D for my drawing and colouring. My best friend got an A with 3 stars and at that time I was damn jealous with him. He is a Chinese boy by the way, I used to call him Yu. I went back home and MAK showed me my sis’s drawings. After that I bought the ‘captain planet’ colouring book and practice colouring day and night. Second year of my sekolah tadika guess what, I’ve got an A with 4 stars. =D

Primary school again another failure in my UPSR penulisan Bahasa Melayu trial paper. We supposed to choose a topic from part A and write another essay for part B. Terlampau-pandai-sangat, I wrote 2 essays from part A and forgot about the part B. Duh!! =(

Secondary school. When I was in lower form, it took me sometimes to understand the concept of math. All of sudden all this terminology ‘anu’ ‘interger’ ‘x’ ‘y’ came up. WTH!!! Luckily I survived the PMR. Then form 4 another failure in add math and chemistry paper. During the school breaks in December, I have my own intensive study planned and Alhamdulillah my final year in SDAR was a success.

Doing IB, I was introduced with the class test system which till now I still don’t like. They said that the same system is implemented in most of the universities, 100% agree!!! Again I survived the 2 years International Baccalaureate Programme and now doing my MBBS in MMMC, Manipal.

What I’m trying to say here is, don’t be afraid of failing. It’s normal. Not just in academic but also in life. Facing so many phase of being a loser/failure during my 21 years of life, I try to accept them in a good way. That is a sign from God to test my faith and also to remind me that I have responsibilities.

And in the future when I have my own child inshaAllah, of course I'll be expecting them to do well in their study. But if they do fail, at least I know how to encourage them to work harder. They can't argue with me and say "what do you know about failure, you always did well in your exam!".

Tidak kira berapa kali kamu jatuh, apa yang paling penting adalah untuk bangkit semula dan kembali berjuang”


Thursday, December 23, 2010


Children make you want to start life over.
-Muhammad Ali-


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Her Birthday

Semalam adalah hari lahir emak yang ke . . . Sempat skype kejap je petang semalam, sebab lepas tu laptop hang. Emak pun tengah makan time tu. Hari sebelumnya, along dah ingatkan “esok birthday mak”. Mula-mula ingat macam ni, nak beli barang from e-bay then pos ke rumah sekali dengan kad ucapan *sweet habis*. Tapi bila nak tekan butang BUY IT NOW, teringat balik waktu kecik-kecik dulu.

Masa tu, nak dekat birthday mak jugak. Aku dah beli brooch, then tengok along punya hadiah macam lagi best je so aku pun tak nak kalah la kan *jahat habis*. Pergi la kedai nak cari barang lagi best nak bagi mak. Jumpa dah tapi mahal la pulak, duit tak cukup. Balik la rumah pi korek duit tabung. Still tak cukup lagi, dalam hati “mana nak cekau duit lagi ni?” Sekali teringat, ada banyak syiling dekat lampu meja yang ada laci. Tengah-tengah SERONOK kira duit, mak datang dari belakang, “Khairul, buat apa tu!!”. Oh kantoi sudah. Nak dijadikan cerita, aku pun cakap la nak beli barang untuk mak. Lepas tu mak cakap,

Mak tak kisah pasal hadiah, tak ada pun tak apa. Angah belajar je pandai-pandai dapat result bagus tu dah cukup untuk mak.”

Maka tak jadi la aku nak jadi sweet. Tapi plan lain tetap ada. So memandangkan next week pun nak start block exam, dan banyak lagi kena baca, kena hafal, kena serap betul-betul. 5 hari yang tinggal ni kena pulun habis-habis dengan harapan dapat bagi ‘hadiah’ dekat mak. =)



Monday, November 29, 2010

Be Creative. Think Creative

Lately, lot of people asked me to design posters for events and also backdrop. I don’t say that I’m the best in design, because I know there are more people out there much... much... better than me (especially my ex-schoolmates like SYAHIR ZAINI 026 and ABDUL RAHMAN 015). Really admire their works during my school time. But hey, if people do like my works, then I should give it a try. Plus I get the chance of experimenting new skill every time I do new design. *smile* One more thing people should know, when you say ARTS they are very subjective. Some people may like it, some may not. For those who like it, thank you for your time. For those who don’t like it, go and make your own arts. You can critics any master piece, but don’t expect everyone to agree with you or follow what you want. C’est la vie.

p/s: Trademark untuk picture dah ada PEOPLE.PLACES, yang ini trademark untuk design pulak AHMAD KHAIRUL BE CREATIVE.THINK CREATIVE


Friday, November 26, 2010

Starting Over

The other day I just finished reading Tony Parsons’s book: STARTING OVER. Who is this Tony Parson guy? He is a person that writes a story that can makes you laugh, cry and angry at the same time. His book is full of emotional aspect of life, things that happen and very common in our life but never been told. Starting over is basically about a middle aged man who received a new heart from an unknown person. Everything in his life has changed after that, and he was trying his best to cope with the situation. Before this I read MAN AND BOY (the other book) a gift from a friend of mine. These two books are the best. They are really something. Should spend some time do some reading other than pharmacology, microbiology, forensic medicine and pathology. Get a life!!! (^_^)


Friday, November 19, 2010

'Friday Talk' Muslim and His Parents

“Serve Allah, and join not any partners with Him; and do good – to parents...” Quran (4:36)

Sebagai seorang Muslim tanggungjawab utama kita adalah untuk berbakti kepada Allah s.w.t, dan dalam ayat di atas jelas menunjukkan yang datang selepas itu adalah tanggungjawab untuk berbakti kepada ibu bapa. Dapat kita lihat di sini betapa Islam meletak tinggi martabat ibu bapa.

Al-Quran dan hadis sudah menerangkan dengan sangat terperinci tentang adab-adab dan tanggungjawab seorang Muslim kepada ibu bapanya. Antaranya adalah melayan mereka dengan lembut dan penuh rasa hormat, mentaati perintah mereka, dan berbuat baik kepada sahabat-sahabat mereka.

Melayan mereka dengan lembut dan penuh rasa hormat yang dimaksudkan di sini meliputi cara kita bercakap dengan parents, panggilan kita terhadap mereka dan cara kita menjaga mereka apabila mereka sudah uzur. Islam mengajar kita supaya menghormati ibu bapa kita walau sejahat mana pun mereka, mahu pun jika mereka berlainan agama dengan kita. Hal ini kerana ibulah yang telah mengandungkan kita selama 9 bulan 10 hari dan ibu jugalah yang telah berjaga malam untuk menyusukan kita. Bapalah yang terpaksa membanting tulang empat kerat siang dan malam untuk mencari nafkah bagi membesarkan kita. Sikap “kacang lupakan kulit” sama sekali bukan ajaran Islam. Berlainan dengan budaya di sesetengah tempat, dimana akibat rasa marah dan benci kepada ibu bapanya, tiada lagi panggilan ayah, emak, dad, mom. Bahkan ibu bapa dipanggil dengan nama sahaja. Di mana letaknya darjat ibu bapa di sini, sama taraf dengan kawan-kawan? Di dalam satu kisah hadith daripada Asma’ Binti Abi Bakar as-Siddiq:

“my mother came to me, and she was a mushrik at the time of Prophet. I asked the Prophet: ‘My mother has come to me and needs help, so should I help her?’ He said, ‘Yes, keep in touch with your mother and help her,” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Mentaati perintah ibu bapa adalah salah satu perkara yang diajarkan oleh Islam kepada penganut-penganutnya. Mentaati ibu bapa ini wajib selama mana mereka tidak menyuruh kita mensyirikkan Allah. Teguralah mereka dengan berhemah jika mereka silap. Nabi S.A.W dengan jelas telah menyatakan bahawa derhaka kepada Ibu bapa adalah salah satu daripada dosa-dosa besar. Kadang-kala kita secara tidak sedar lebih mengutamakan kawan-kawan, dan anak isteri daripada ibu bapa kita. Contoh mudah yang boleh saya beri, kita dah bercadang untuk keluar dengan kawan-kawan, kemudian ayah ajak kita temannya ke bandar. Apa pilihan yang kita buat? Orang yang “pandai cakap”:

ala~ dah janji dengan kawan ni, kalau tak tepati janji itu kan sifat orang munafik.”

Kalau setakat keluar jalan tengok wayang, melepak tak tentu arah kan semua tu boleh tunggu. Dah lah jarang-jarang duduk rumah, bila ayah minta tolong teman je pun tak nak ambil peluang. “Ayah tak kata apa-apa pun,” memanglah ayah tak kata apa-apa sebab anak dia dah besar panjang, dan sepatutnya tahu kewajipannya. Mungkin si Ayah senyum tengok anak dia gembira dengan kawan-kawan, tetapi dalam hati si Ayah kalau ada sebesar zarah pun rasa terkilan dengan sikap si anak, maka derhakalah anak itu. Redha Allah terletak pada redha ibu bapa. Ingat kisah Jurayj?

Islam bukan setakat mengajar kita untuk berbakti kepada Ibu bapa selama mana mereka masih hidup, bahkan apabila mereka sudah tiada pun kita masih boleh berbakti kepada mereka. Betapa tingginya martabat ibu bapa di dalam Islam. Nabi S.A.W bersabda apabila ditanyakan kepada baginda tentang perkara yang boleh dilakukan oleh seorang Muslim untuk ibu bapanya setelah mereka menigggal dunia:

“Yes, there are four things: praying and asking forgiveness for them; fulfilling their promises; respecting their friends; and keeping in contact with your relatives, for you have no relatives except through them” (bukhari in Al-Adab al-Mufrad)

Inilah apa yang diajarkan oleh Islam kepada penganut-penganutnya. Persoalannya, sejauh manakah kita mengikuti apa yang diajarkan oleh Islam di dalam zaman yang serba moden dan bertamadun ini di mana setiap anak inginkan ibu bapanya sporting. Sporting Ibu bapa ada hadnya, tetapi apabila ia melibatkan peraturan Allah, tiada sporting bagi mu!!! Bagi kita anak-anak yang masih mempunyai ibu bapa untuk berbakti, manfaatkanlah masa yang ada bersama-sama ibu bapa untuk berbakti kepada mereka atau pun perbaiki hubungan kita dengan mereka. Bagi ibu bapa dan kita yang bakal bergelar ibu bapa suatu hari nanti, sedarlah Islam meletak tinggi taraf Ibu bapa iaitu selepas kewajiban berbakti kepada Allah S.W.T. Janganlah kita mencemarkan taraf ibu bapa itu dengan sewenang-wenangnya dengan memberi contoh teladan yang buruk mahupun mengabaikan tanggungjawab yang Allah berikan kepada kita iaitu MENDIDIK dan membesarkan anak-anak. Jangan sampai anak-anak berasa jelik dan hilang rasa hormat terhadap ibu bapa. Jika ibu bapa sendiri pun mereka tidak hormat apatah lagi orang dewasa lain di luar sana? Sama-sama kita ambil pengajaran.

“And, out of kindness, lower to them the wing of humility, and say: ‘My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood,” Quran (17:24)

Takziah kepada Syafi Atikah Yusoff sekeluarga atas pemergian ayahanda tersayang keRahmatullah pada 19/11/2011 jam 5.00pm. Semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat-Nya. Al-fatihah.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Hectic Week

Lots of things going on this week!!! I have two class test, PBL presentation, journal writing and extra classes. These are the price that you have to pay when you have so many holidays. Actually the PBL thing was not suppose to be that tiresome, but since the lecturer wants me to meet him and discuss about the learning objectives (then everything looks difficult) =P. Apologies to my group members.

Then the class tests microb and pharmac. Microb was an okay, but pharmacy wasn’t but I passed. Muahahaha *syukur Alhamdulillah*. What people said about medicine was true, if you study then you can passed the exam. Okay Khairul don’t play-play again *gedebush*. FOCUS!!!

Journal writing. Thanks to Sarah for letting me to borrow her journal, if not I think I’ll be compiling works on my desk and will not have time to do revision. Still there is one more journal to be written. Honestly, I really can’t take 2 hours non-stop lecture of the same subject, even if they give 10 minutes break. 2 hours man!!! That was a lot to be absorbed for this small brain of mine. My brain is crying. It needs some space, some time to cool down. These are the price that you have to pay for choosing medicine as your career, and all these are only a small part of it. (^_^)

“Once you enter a cave, boulders collapse and close the entrance. The only way out is to move forward. Along the way you might face MANY DIFFICULTIES but if you STAY STRONG, in the end you will discover TREASURES and you can carry them back to your HOME


Friday, November 5, 2010


I've been thinking of doing this later on when I have my own DSLR camera. PEOPLE.PLACES is the album name, so it'll be all about people that I met and the places that I have visited. For every pictures that I take, I want to show one color theme in them like green, pink, yellow etc. It will be more artistic in that way I think. (^_^)

p/s: Click at the picture to enlarge.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

ISLAM-phobia, ISRAEL-phobia, USA-phobia

Di barat istilah Islam-phobia sangat terkenal. Dari mana mulanya saya tidak pasti. Mungkin daripada seorang individu biasa, mungkin daripada suara pakat masayarakat , mungkin diperkenalkan oleh pemimpin negara atau mungkin daripada sebuah organisasi rahsia yang berniat menjatuhkan maruah Islam. Dengan sesetengah masyarakat di barat apabila ditanya tentang Islam cepat sahaja mereka kaitkan dengan keganasan. Berlaku sahaja kes pengeboman, perkara pertama yang mereka akan fikirkan extremist Islam.

Sebagai seorang Muslim saya tidak gemar orang melabelkan agama yang saya anuti sebagai agama yang menganjur keganasan. Kerana maksud Islam itu sendiri daripada kata dasar arab yang memberi makna SELAMAT. Apa yang saya dan kita semua mampu buat adalah dengan menunjukkan sendiri kepada mereka melalui amalan dan pergaulan kita bahawa ISLAM itu agama yang menganjur keDAMAIAN. Api lawannya bukan dengan api.

Saya sering kali terbaca artikel-artikel yang menyatakan bahawa produk itu dan ini adalah konspirasi ISRAEL dan USA. Kadangkala sesetengah hujah yang mereka berikan pada pandangan saya sangat lekeh. Hanya kerana teradapat huruf ‘i’ dan ‘u’ mereka mengatakan barang itu mempunyai kaitan dengan ISRAEL dan USA. Ini yang saya katakan Israel-phobia dan USA-phobia. Perkara ini tidak ubah seperti apa yang mereka lakukan kepada kita. Kemudian apabila dibaca oleh orang yang kononnya ‘cinta dan sayang’ kepada agama, cepat sahaja artikel seperti itu di-forward­-kan.

Satu perkara yang kita perlu tanya pada diri sendiri, sejauh manakah kebenaran artikel tersebut. Jika apa yang dikatakan di dalam artikel itu tidak benar dan kita pula menyebarkannya, itu sudah dikira FITNAH. Cuba bayangkan apa akan terjadi kepada produk yang di-FITNAH, penjualan menurun dengan mendadak dan akhirnya mungkin syarikat tersebut perlu ‘gulung tikar’. Ini bermakna kita telah mengganggu ‘periuk nasi’ orang lain. Situasi ini sama seperti kes mensabotaj perniagaan orang lain dengan menghantar jin dan sebagainya, tetapi dalam hal ini jin duduk relaks sahaja.

Pernah kita terfikir bahawa artikel sedemikian rupa barangkali ditulis oleh musuh Islam sendiri dengan tujuan untuk menjatuhkan pesaing-pesaing mereka. Sedang kita sibuk meng-forward­-kan artikel-artikel tersebut, orang-orang yang berkenaan tergelak besar melihat kebodohan kita yang percaya dengan artikel palsu mereka.

Apa yang saya ingin katakan di sini adalah, apabila terbaca artikel yang sedemikian rupa janganlah terlalu cepat menyebarkannya. Tuhan bagi kita akal untuk fikir supaya kita jangan mudah ikut orang secara membuta tuli. Untuk individu yang saya tidak tahu apa tujuannya menyebarkan artikel-artikel yang kononnya untuk kebaikkan dan kesedaran umat manusia, ketahuilah Nabi S.A.W pernah bersabda:

Celakalah ke atas mereka yang berkata-kata dusta dengan tujuan untuk memperoleh perhatian”

p/s: sekadar untuk renungan bersama


Monday, November 1, 2010

Penggunaan Komputer Riba di SBP: Perbincangan

Terpanggil untuk menulis tentang kebenaran penggunaan laptop di sekolah bagi pelajar yang menetap di asrama penuh. Post ini hanyalah pandangan peribadi saya sahaja berdasarkan daripada pengalaman yang tidak seberapa. Secara jujurnya saya tidak melihat banyak manfaat yang pelajar-pelajar akan peroleh jika sekiranya kebenaran diberikan kepada para pelajar untuk membawa laptop mereka sendiri. Alasan saya adalah berdasarkan pada aspek penggunaan, sikap dan aspek sosial yang akan timbul nanti.

Daripada sudut penggunaan, saya merasakan pada peringkat sekolah menengah penggunaan laptop tidak begitu ketara kerana kebanyakkan nota boleh disalin di dalam kelas. Tambahan pula, syllabus pembelajaran semuanya sudah terdapat di dalam buku teks yang telah disarankan dan itu sudah memadai. Jika ada kerja kursus yang perlu disiapkan pun salah satu daripada syaratnya adalah dengan tulisan tangan. Jadi di sini saya tidak nampak keperluan laptop kepada pelajar SBP.

Daripada aspek sikap pula, penggunaan laptop untuk memudahkan pelajar mengambil nota daripada blog guru dengan mengcopy-paste hanya akan menjadikan mereka bertambah malas. Kita sedia maklum bahawa proses pembelajaran dan hafalan memerlukan pelajar untuk melihat, mendengar dan menulis/membaca. Saya sangat percaya dan yakin dengan teknik pembelajaran SALIN DAN BACA kerana ia sangat membantu pemahaman seorang pelajar disamping dapat memastikan pelajar member tumpuan kepada setiap butir perkara yang diajarkan didalam kelas. Jika nota boleh didapati daripada blog guru, apa gunanya mereka fokus didalam kelas. Pada peringkat univeriti kami mempunyai Problem Based Learning (PBL), Self Directed Learning (SDL) dan beberapa kajian yang memerlukan penggunaan laptop dan internet, tetapi penggunaannya tidak semaksima yang disangka kerana rujukan akhir tetap daripada buku.

Nota yang mudah diperoleh tidak akan menjamin bahawa pelajar akan membacanya.”

Tidak perlu rasanya saya jelaskan tentang kebarangkalin untuk para pelajar leka dengan permainan video, laman web sosial dan sebagainya.

Dalam aspek sosial, bagi pelajar yang datang dari keluarga berada memang mudah bagi mereka untuk membawa laptop sendiri, tetapi bagi mereka yang latar belakang keluarganya kurang berada tidakkah mereka akan berasa rendah diri dan cemburu. Saya khuatir akan timbul pula masalah laptop hilang dan ini akan menimbulkan perbalahan sesama pelajar.

Jika hal ini mahu dilaksanakan untuk jangka masa panjang, saya merasakan bahawa sudah memadai jika kebenaran hanya diberikan kepada setiap kelas mempunyai sebuah laptop lengkap dengan printer. Ini bermakna hanya pelajar kelas itu sahaja yang boleh mengakses laptop di dalam kelas itu. Cadangan saya supaya setiap pelajar di dalam kelas memberi sumbangan untuk membeli laptop tersebut dengan itu mereka akan lebih menghargai nilai barang itu (seperti sumbangan untuk memasang penghawa dingin di dalam kelas ). Pembelian hendaklah melalui pihak sekolah dengan itu keseragaman akan ada, dan tidak timbul model ini lebih baik daripada model itu. Satu perkara penting, penggunaan desktop sangat tidak digalakkan kerana kebarangkalian untuk pelajar mengupgrade PC untuk game dan sebagainya akan ada. Sebagai bahan bantu mengajar, guru-guru boleh memasukkan nota-nota atau soalan-soalan tambahan di dalam laptop tersebut dimana setiap pelajar boleh mengakses pada bila-bila masa. Jika penggunaan internet dibenarkan, pihak sekolah perlu menghadkan laman web yang boleh dikunjugi oleh para pelajar. Penggunaan laptop di dalam kelas juga perlu fokus kepada pembelajaran dan pengajaran dalam membentuk pelajar menjadi pengguna teknologi yang beretika.

“Secanggih mana pun peralatan yang dihasilkan untuk proses PnP, tetap tidak dapat menandingi keberkesanan mengajar seorang guru


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Childhood Hobby Is Back (2)

Here it is!!! The second member of my AUTOBOT collection of TRANSFORMERS: Revenge Of The Fallen. Behold the loyal guardian BATTLE OPS BUMBLEBEE. I bought him from e-bay US. To compare this one with OPTIMUS PRIME, he is better in terms of the sounds that he makes and also I like his gun. For now I'm extremely happy to have these two members of AUTOBOT.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Childhood Hobby Is Back (1)

I've already mentioned in one of my previous post that I like collecting cool stuff. I've a box of POKEMONs, the first generation of POWER RANGERS robots and all the 6 RANGERS, BATMAN & ROBIN toys. All which are now seat silently in a box, waiting for decent shelves where I can put them on display *hahaha*. I'm not really into remote control cars, but since my dad like that kind of toys so I kindda like it a little. In this post I want to share with all the visitor(s) of this blog my new collection of TRANSFORMERS: Revenge Of The Fallen. The figures are quite accurate with the one that you see in the movie. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you LEADER CLASS OPTIMUS PRIME


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Am I Going To Be A Good Doctor?

Many times when I was waiting for the class to commence, I’ll be looking around watching my friends chatting with each other, laughing, eating, reading. And when the class is about to start, there always 2 or 3 person that will enter the class after that. We are lucky because all the lecturers here are nice and not that strict (although there are some that very strict). Sometimes I do wonder why they can’t be in class on time? During first year maybe they overslept since our class started at 8am but now in second year we start at 9am. I said this to myself, once the teacher is already in the class I’ll not enter the class. That I can promise.

Being a medical student is tough, I assure you that. We can’t help ourselves from being so sleepy in class sometimes. Even though I feel super-ngantuk­, I’ll try my best to get a hold of my eye to not fall asleep in class. How amazing some of my friends can just sleep through-out the lecture!! I can see the lecturers do notice them sleeping in their class. You can say “alah~ they sure understand. We study till late night, that’s why we were damn tired in class”. Again we are so lucky because some of the lecturers very understanding.

I asked this question to myself. Will all people be lenient like that? I mean I’m going to be a doctor in the future and people, patient, the community will observe every little thing that I do. How punctual the doctor is? Does the doctor treat the patient with respect or not? How does he communicate with the patient? Does the doctor talk bad about the patient when he/she is not around? So many times I heard my family and my friends complaint about their meeting with those not-so-polite doctors and they keep reminding me “ Nanti bila dah jadi doctor, jangan buat macam tu?”

You see it’s not just me, people are observing us Doctors and Future-Doctors!!! The career that I choose requires me to communicate with people most of the times, and either I like it or not ATTITUDE does matter. Of course we don’t want people to say

Ceh, kalau orang cakap kat depan pun dia tak boleh respect inikan lagi orang sakit”

“Apalah Doktor ni masuk duty lambat. Ni mesti masa sekolah dulu pun kaki masuk kelas lambat”

“Hampeh punya doctor. Dia ingat dia doctor, aku nurse so dia lagi hebat!!??”

These are all the possible comments that me and my friends are going to get once we become physician. Bad comments obviously not good for business right!! So all of these are going to be a reminder for me and my friends who InsyaAllah are going to be doctors, to start training ourselves to be a good, humble and generous doctors. Brain and Heart if I may say are the most important organs in our body. To be a good doctor I believe we need those two also if you know what I mean.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Try To Understand

Have you ever felt that sometimes "PEOPLE JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU". It hurts right just to have a thought like that. I’ve experienced it so many times. When this happen I’m pretty sure that you’ll feel so disappointed, sad, not in the mood etc. , especially when the person you love the most didn’t appreciate your feeling. *This is what we have in mind most of the time when we have an argument with someone*

When I was 13, I studied in Seremban and my family in Johor. It was my first time to be far away from my family and I was hoping that my parents would come and visit me once a month. What happen was, my father only came to visit me in the fourth month. Some of my friends their parents came to see them every week ,and at first I was quite disappoint with my parents for not realizing my needs. I need my Family. I assumed my parents didn’t understand what I want.

After some time I tried to rationalize their action. They drove from Johor to Seremban for 3.5 hours. Then they have to pay for the gas (RM50) and toll (RM35) -one way- just to visit me once. During that time, I just needed RM50 a month for my expenses so I thought rather than wasting RM170 just to come and see me for 3 hours it would be more economical if they just post the money. Although my parents didn’t actually explained to me like that, but that just me making an assumption. You know, just to ease those negative thoughts that I have and it works *smile*. I HAVE TO UNDERSTAND that they also have other priorities, my other siblings also need their attention.

That was when I learnt that IT’S OKAY if people that you know didn’t appreciate your feeling. I mean that was you being emotional which makes you think “people don’t understand me” but the truth is who knows if they understand you or not right. ^_^. Why don’t we ask this question to ourselves whenever we have that kind of thought

I expect others to understand what I want, but do I ever try to understand them too?”

Most of the time this problem was due to miscommunication mak tak faham anak, anak tak faham mak, suami tak faham isteri, kawan laki tak faham kawan perempuan... Such a small problem but as usual we always make it looks like such a big deal. Then mulalah nak masam-masam muka, tarik-tarik muka, merajuk sana-sini. *sigh* Yaw fellow tiada penyakit dalam dunia ini yang tak ada ubat kecuali mati, we just have TO BE CREATIVE. Men and women speak different language, old people and young people speak different language. How can you understand others language if you don’t learn from them right?


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Old House New Look

There's only one place in the world where you can find people waiting for you every second in their life. Here in my home. "Rumahku Syurgaku" to make it a reality every single person in the family should play his/her role.

p/s: kontraktor Melayu yang buat, banyak pengalaman dan pakar kayu. Katanya dia yang decorate Balai Seni Islam di Muzium Shah Alam. Promote yop!!!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dari Otak Yang Begini

Tengah duduk-duduk dalam teksi, sambil tengok pembangunan yang ada di India, fizikal mahu pun pada aspek sikap masyarakatnya. Tiba-tiba teringat cerita daripada kawan-kawan yang belajar di Mesir. Orang sana dengan orang di sini (India) tak banyak beza. Dari segi sikap, cara bawak kereta, kebersihan.

Dulu India dengan Mesir boleh dikatakan tempat Islam mula-mula tersebar. Mubaligh-mubaligh dari India suatu ketika dahulu turut memainkan peranan penting dalam menyampaikan dakwah di Tanah Melayu. Tapi setelah beberapa abad berlalu Islam itu tidak berapa kelihatan di India dan Mesir.

Menyingkap kembali sejarah, Mesir dan India dahulu pernah dijajah kuasa barat, begitu juga Indonesia dan negara kita Malaysia. Timbul persoalan dalam fikiran saya, adakah kesan daripada penjajahan itu yang menyebabkan nilai ajaran Islam itu dihapuskan oleh penjajah? Atau pun itu memang sudah menjadi tujuan asal mereka dari awal, melenyapkan nilai-nilai Islam di kawasan yang menjadi pusat tumpuan umat manusia untuk mengenal Islam dan berselindung disebalik tujuan ‘memburu’ hasil pribumi.

Tanah Melayu suatu ketika dahulu juga pernah dijajah kuasa barat, tapi dari segi nilai akhlak sukar untuk saya bandingkan dengan suasana di India dan Mesir. Kebimbangan itu tetap ada berdasarkan keadaan semasa yang berlaku di negara sekarang. Di Malaysia kita mungkin tidak nampak orang ‘buang air’ merata-rata, horn kereta dibunyikan sesuka hati, tapi kita boleh baca kes buang anak di media arus perdana hampir setiap hari. Dimanakah tahap ketamadunan kita?

Dari otak yang begini, saya melihat ia sebagai petunjuk bahawa apabila kita meninggalkan nilai-nilai ajaran Islam atau mengambil sebahagian daripadanya sahaja, itulah yang akan terjadi. La ni, Muslim seluruh dunia rata-ratanya mengutamakan ibadat khusus, tetapi yang umum di pandang sebelah mata. Di dunia barat pula mereka hanya ‘mengambil’ ibadat umum sahaja. Apa beza seorang Muslim dengan bukan Muslim jika dia hanya amalkan separuh ajaran agama. Sama-sama muhasabbah diri.

p/s: paan aku pinjam title blog kau lagi =)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Year Breaks Activities

Well not much to say. Actually I have planned with my friends to go to Tioman, but then I think it is better for us to konvoi beraya to friend houses so we decide to postpone the trip next year. First 2 weeks at home, I helped my mom and dad to clean the house and it went on until malam raya... seriously!!!

Third week in JB, I went to JUSCO tebrau on my own. That day I decided to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D but it was fully booked, so my luck was on the 2D film. At home I spent most of my time playing games, read some not-related-to-medic books, watching TV. You know, things that I can hardly do in India because most of the times I just lock myself in the room, reading and staring at the laptop screen.

I’ve had already eat rojak Singapore@ rojak asma, mee rebus, sea foods, steamboot, KFC, McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, and all type of rendangs. =D

Foods > checked

Bowling > checked

Movie > checked

Books > checked

Family > checked

Friends > checked

Hope you guys have a splendid and wonderful time with your family and friends in this festive season. Au’revoir


Monday, September 20, 2010


Post kali ini, aku nak cherita pasal pengalaman raya tahun ni. Seronok danhappening!!!Walaupun malam raya tak ada kat kampung, tapi kita orang satu family still dapat balik kampung Majidee (sebelah mak) dan Segamat (sebelah abah). Memang puas la makan masak rending ketupat semua al-maklum la tahun lepas raya ala kadar je.

Adat la bila orang belajar jauh balik beraya semua orang tanya “macam mana dekat sana?”. Bila orang tanya macam tu, aku pun tak tahu sangat nak cakap apa. Sebab nak cherita pasal cuaca, dekat tempat aku belajar tu lebih kurang macam Malaysia. Pasal makanan dekat India memang tak susah nak cari yang halal. Lepas tu ada la aku cherita-cherita pengalaman masa traveldalam India hari tu. Kalau yang kurang ‘enak’ dekat India pun aku cuma cakap driver dekat sana semua memang berani mati dan pasal ‘public toilet’ diorang. *hehehe*

Tahun ni Alhamdulillah aku berkesempatan nak berjalan raya dengan kawan-kawan sekolah rendah dan matrik johor yang memang lama tak jumpa. Ada beberapa hari tu memang aku tak dapat join kawan-kawan sekolah rendah aku nak pergi beraya sebab sebelah paginya dah janji nak jumpa kawan-kawan matrik. Masa ni la aku sedar tentang pentingnya prioritize and decision making. Bila ada clash date dgn rancangan lain, nak jaga hati semua orang bukan senang. So aku cakap dengan kawan sekolah rendah aku, aku akan beraya dengan diorang sebelah malamnya, sebab niat asal memang nak berjumpa dengan kawan lama pun jadi still dapat jumpa diorang la walaupun tak dapat berkonvoi sama-sama.

“niat asal memang nak berjumpa dengan kawan lama”

Raya ke-9 punya cherita. Selamat sudah kakak aku bertunang. Majlis pada hari tu pun berjalan lancer dan memang meriah macam kenduri kahwin pun ada. *sengih* Aku pula jadi tukang ambil gambar dengan ‘camera besar’. Belajar-belajar sikit cara nak guna, tapi nak bawa ke India tak dapat kot. Petangnya ada open house pula. Tersangat la ramai orang yang datang sampai tak menang tangan. Kawan-kawan dari sekolah rendah dgn 10 kereta, kawan matrik pun ada, kawan sama universiti pun datang. Bila ada peluang jumpa kawan-kawan macam ni memang seronok, Cuma satu la yang sedikit terkilan. Raya kali ni tak sempat nak jumpa kawan-kawan SDAR. InsyaAllah tahun depan aku balik, aku jumpa korang. Untuk kawan-kawan yang sempat beraya bersama-sama tahun ni terima kasih banyak-banyak. Kurang lebih mana-mana aku wakil kawan-kawan lain minta ampun maaf. Jumpa lagi trip ke tioman nanti. =)


Monday, September 13, 2010

Salam Syawal 1431H

Saya mengambil kesempatan yang ada untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfiti. Saya menyusun jari sepuluh memohon ampun dan maaf andai ada terkasar bahasa, terlanjur bicara, mahupun terguris hati mana-mana pihak sepanjang pengenalan anda bersama saya. Minta dihalalkan makan minum. Bagi pihak saya insyaAllah tiada perasaan dendam yang disimpan, semuanya saya maafkan dan lupakan. Mohon doa ibu bapa, keluarga, guru-guru dan rakan bagi mengiring perjuangan saya dan rakan-rakan dalam medan jihad menuntut ilmu.

"Minal 'Aidin wal-Faizin"


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reunion | Futsal | Birthday

Lepas setahun tak balik Malaysia, tak ada la banyak sangat yang berubah kat bumi JOHOR ni. Rumah aku je kot yang berubah banyak. I like =) Target aku balik kali ni memang nak makan puas-puas. Rojak Singapore dah, mee rebus dah, ada 3 minggu lagi untuk aku ‘melantak’ makanan Malaysia. Rindu yop!!!

Lepas tu beberapa hari lepas aku ada keluar berbuka dengan kawan-kawan masa sekolah rendah. Tak ada la ramai mana yang datang, dalam 14 orang ada. Meriah yop!! Almaklum lama tak jumpa, semua dah lain. Ada yang dulu paling tiinggi masa sekolah rendah lepas tu sekarang, alahai~ comelnya *senyum*.

Sambil-sambil makan tu borak-borak pasal life sekarang. Ada yang dah jadi pilot, ada yang dah jadi assistant manager, ada yang dah kerja, ada yang tengah buat praktikal, ada yang sibuk besarkan badan, yang paling aku bangga dengar ada seorang member aku ni dah ada business sendiri, pakai BMW sendiri !!! Wah~ I’m so proud of them.

Lama juga la ktorg duk sembang kat McD tu. Macam-macam cerita keluar. Cerita kena rotan, cerita gossip sekolah rendah, cerita tidur dalam kelas sampai air liur pun keluar!!! *erk* Masa aku beli air for the 2nd time, cashier McD tu tanya “lama lagi ke nak duk sini?” hahahaha.. 8.30pm baru ktorg blah.

Tak habis lagi. Malam tu pukul 11pm member ajak main futsal pula. Pergh lama tak main, tercungap-cungap aku. Pukul 1 pagi habis main, lepas tu pergi makan kedai mamak pula. Sambung cerita lagi sampai la pukul 4 pagi. Gila ‘kentang’ aku malam tu. Balik-balik tengok facebook,


Aku memang betul-betul tak perasan. Memang first time la tak perasan birthday sendiri. Lepas Subuh, oleh sebab kepancitan yang teramat sangat, aku terbongkang tidur sampai la tengah hari. PENAT. Tapi apa-apa pun, aku seronok jumpa kawan-kawan lama dan hadiah birthday aku tahun ni adalah ‘DAPAT JUMPA DIA ORANG SEMUA’


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cermin Diri

53 years of independence we can see lots of changes in Malaysia, physically. More and more new landscapes being developed on this sacred soil that was once known as Suvarna Bhumi. There’s nothing wrong with physical development, but we shouldn’t put aside maturity of attitude and thoughts. If you are the same age as me, after 21 years try to evaluate yourself do self reflection. Have you turn out to be a better person after all these years, or are you still the same person who got nothing to talk about with your friends other than gossiping about others and the one who just know how to talk crap.

As we grown older our attitude should also become more mature as well. For those who think that getting mature will turn you into a no-fun-person, that is total crap. Being matured you can still play video games, you can still play remote control cars, you can still hangout with your buddies and laugh your head off.

Maturity in thoughts in the sense that you yourself want to do something that will make your country and religion so proud of you. Being proud and talking about others achievement will do no good to you. One simple example, “sekolah aku tahun 200* dapat nombor 1 dalam PMR seluruh Malaysia”. So what!!?? That was last year. That was other’s batch story. You and your batch mates have to make your own story. Sampai bila nak berbangga dengan sejarah yang ada, sedangkan kita tak ada usaha nak ukir sejarah baru atau sekurang-kurangnya kekalkan prestasi yang ada.

Maturity in attitude is the most vital aspect in the process to produce great quality of leaders that can do good and bring prosperity to his religion, country and people.

All the years that we’ve been carrying it and reading it every day,

We got so caught up with keeping it safe; we forgot to live by what we learned from it,

And what’s that?

Do for others more than you do for yourself”


Monday, August 30, 2010


There’s a saying that men’s brain are ‘build’ to solve problems. They say we men have the ability to compartmentalize (I’m not sure what’s that suppose to mean) our thoughts which make us, men an efficient problems solver. How the researchers conducted the study of this matter I do not know. So in this post I just want to share with you guys the experience of me solving problems in life.

Every time I face any difficulties or conflicts, I prefer to be alone. I need my own space and time to find the solution and solve the problem, well of course that was after all the ‘cursing’ that I made when I first encounter the problems. Normal la kan. Bukan senang nak kawal diri dari ‘melatah’, itu yang kadang-kadang terkeluar bodoh betul la” “b*b* betul la”. I’m trying to get a hold of myself on that one. Back to our discussion. =) In the period of isolating myself from others, I’ll try to find out where I did wrong. Once I figure out my mistakes I’ll just put on a plan to solve the problem and walla, the problem is solved. This is the fastest, quickest method of me solving problems that doesn’t involve other persons.

If the problems I encounter require me to communicate with others only then I’ll ask other people opinion, what would they do if they face the same problem mostly when girl is the subject. We men don’t really know how to handle girls, and that’s when your ‘kawan perempuan’ come in handy. Women when they solve problems, they’ll always take into account the emotional aspect. Men on the other hand less likely to take that part into consideration.

“it is the first important not to allow your judgement be biased by personal qualities”

-Sherlock Holmes-

What I can say here is whatever, whenever you run into any problems try to find the solution on your own first. But make sure the action you take will not do harm to you or others. Sometime people just not sure if that is the right way to handle the problem, then you can ask your family or your friends for their opinion. The point that I want to stress here is TRY TO SOLVE IT ON YOUR OWN FIRST. When you directly ask for answers from others without you yourself trying to solve the problem first can sometime be quite annoying. As if you are the only person in this world that have problem. Duh~ Kalau asyik tanya jawapan orang, sampai bila-bila la kita tak belajar untuk BERdiri-Di-KAki-sendiRI. Kalau tak boleh BERDIKARI, macam mana potensi diri nak berkembang.


Thursday, August 19, 2010



“Tabiatnya buruk. Dia tidak suka mengakui kesalahannya. lbubapanya perlu mendidiknya bagi menghilangkan tabiat buruk itu, jika tidak, kehidupannya akan menjadi susah di kemudian hari. Walaupun begitu, sekiranya dia melakukan sesuatu untuk kepentingan dirinya, selalunya ianya akan mendatangkan hasil.

Kalau mengikut calendar Hijriah, I was born on 4 Safar 1410. Bila baca kelakar pun ada. Apalah agaknya tabiat buruk tu? Hanya orang disekeliling yang boleh bagitahu. Patut tanya mak dan abah “susah ke nak besarkan anak bujang yang seorang ni?” =D. Apa-apa pun, I think my parents are great!!!

“Righteousness comes from Allah and good manners come from parents”

(Bukhari: Al-adab al Mufrad)


Monday, July 26, 2010

Taking A Break

I'm going to take a break for a month. So, there'll be no new posts in the next coming days.

Be good, eat well, sleep well, study well, beribadah well!!!

Yuhki Kuromoto - LAKE LOUISE

Friday, July 23, 2010

Movie Pick of The Week (6)

Cerita lama lagi *sengih*, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT directed by William Friedkin. This movie was about Colonel (Samuel L. Jackson) who had been charged in the marine court for killing innocent civilians during his duty in Yemen. His friend (Tommy Lee Jones) a Vietnam War veteran became his attorney trying to defend him in the court-martial. The movie isn’t just about military but also a political movie. I see Samuel L. Jackson in this movie as a man of honour. He keeps to his oath as a marine soldier and a great leader to his fellow comrades. He had served his country for 33 years, but then when bad things happen, those ‘high-rank people’ easily used him as scapegoat. This movie will remind you the important of being a man with principle. That will determine what kind of person you are. Another thing is there are some scenes that took place in middle east, so you know what to expect right.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

You Want Perfection?

There is no doubt that every single person in this world is looking for a perfect life. It is in our nature to choose the best option for ourselves and the community. When it comes to religion, the concept is the same. We will look for the best. So whenever people ask you, why do you choose to be a Muslim? The answer is simple, because ISLAM is perfect. It leads people to perfection. That is what they call syumul in Arabic or menyeluruh in Malay. ISLAM is not just about pray 5 times a day, it is about everything.

adab in front of food, how to eat, how to drink

adab with people, parents, wife, children, neighbours

adab as a leader. How to run a business, how to run a country

adab of punishment

adab in the toilet/washroom

adab when you are together with your wife

adab of learning

In ISLAM there are guidelines for everything. For every task that we do, there is Dua’ for it. Before and after. So, there is nothing better than a religion that teaches and guides mankind in every single aspect of life from bottom to top, that religion is ISLAM. You want satisfaction and perfection in life. Learn about ISLAM, get to know ISLAM, and love ISLAM.

p/s: Semoga post ini dapat memberi manfaat kepada sekalian umat sejagat, untuk mengenal Islam bagi yang bukan Muslim, dan mensyukuri nikmat ISLAM bagi yang Muslim. Mudah-mudahan kita akan sentiasa berada di bawah rahmat dan perlindungan Tuhan Empunya Alam.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Friends VS 'Special' Friend

Friends - Lifelong friends

Special Friend - Girlfriend/Boyfriend

If you ask any of the guys which one is more important, most of them would probably say FRIENDS are more IMPORTANT than girlfriend. The reason is simple, we spent more time with our friends. We know our friends for yearsssss but girlfriend we only know her for what, 2 3 months? 1 year? Guys who went to boarding school will have stronger bond with his friends/ batch mates. That’s why they have all these SDARA dinner, MACOBA dinner and all the reunion activities after so many years they had left the school.

Lifelong friends are the second to know almost all about us other than our family members. They know, our sleeping style, they know which part of fried chicken that we like, they know our habits, and they share their hobbies, jokes and problem with us. We didn’t tell them all those things, they know because we grow up together for 5 years or even more. Your ‘Special Friend’ might not know all those things unless you tell her. Then what is the different, they both know something about us right. Take it like this, if someone give something that you like without you telling them that you want that thing, and someone that requires you to tell him/her that you want that thing, which want will you appreciate most (touch your heart)? Of course la, the first one right!!!

But hey, that doesn’t mean that we guys will ignore you just like that. Certain things we might enjoy doing it with our friends, even though if you don’t like or have no interest in what they do(kalau benda HARAM memang la kena benci) just be there to show your support to him. I guess you also want him to be there whenever you have some kind of tournament between girls (bola jaring, bowling, etc.), so it’s a win-win situation. We should practice this not during the time of ‘hangat-hangat bercinta’ but also after you get married. Barulah aman sentosa makmur bahagia.

- Lifelong Friends -


Monday, July 5, 2010

Little Bro "Danial"

Boleh tahan juga la my lil bro ni. Exam hari tu my Mak kata markah dia semua above 90, except kemahiran hidup yang ter'kantoi'. (walaupun tak berapa tahu sangat soalan apa yang cikgu dia bagi, still I'm proud of him *senyum). So, dengan result yang CEMERLANG dapat la dia hadiah baru from Abah. His teacher said "Danial dah besar nanti hantar sekolah muzik la, asyik nak nyanyi dgn main muzik je." Hahahaha

Danial and his new drum set in action


Friday, June 25, 2010

Aku dan Abah

p/s: father and son, tidak perlu berbual lama. Perbualan yang singkat itulah yang akan diingat sampai bila-bila. =)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

'Friday Talk'

Salah satu rahsia kebahagiaan hidup di dunia adalah, hablumminallah hablumminannas (menjaga hubungan dengan Allah, dan juga hubungan sesame manusia). Menjaga hubungan dengan Allah seperti yang kita sedia maklum, adalah dengan menunaikan semua perintahnya dan meninggalkan segala larangannya. Apa yang penulis ingin kongsikan disini adalah berkenaan dengan hubungan sesama manusia. Hal ini meliputi Muslim and his parents, Muslim and his wife, Muslim and his children, Muslim and his relatives, Muslim and his neighbours, Muslim and his friends and brothers in Islam dan akhir sekali Muslim and his society.

Untuk menjadi Muslim yang cemerlang bak kata Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah datangnya daripada AKAL, HATI YANG BERSIH DAN JIWA YANG TENANG. Untuk menjada hubungan sesama manusia, kita perlu terlebih dahulu menjaga peribadi dan penampilan kita, “Muslim and his own self”. Untuk perkara ini, Islam telah memberi panduan tentang 3 aspek penting yang menjadi tanggungjawab kita terhadap diri sendiri iaitu, BODY, MIND, and SOUL. Untuk menjadi THE IDEAL MUSLIM, ketiga-tiga perkara ini perlulah seimbang dan dijaga dengan baik.

BODY. Pada zaman Nabi S.A.W, ada seorang sahabat yang berpuasa setiap hari, dan berjaga malam setiap hari menunaikan solat. Mendengar tentang hal itu, Nabi S.A.W bersabda:

jangan berbuat begitu. Berpuasa dan berbukalah. Tidur dan bangkitlah. Sesungguhnya tubuh badan kamu ada haknya, mata kamu ada haknya, isteri kamu ada haknya, dan tetamu kamu ada haknya.”

Penjagaan tubuh badan meliputi:

a) Bersederhana dalam makan dan minum

b) Bersenam sekerap yang mungkin

c) Tubuh badan dan pakaian yang bersih dan kemas

d) Penampilan yang baik

“When a man goes out to meet his brothers, let him prepare himself properly, for Allah is beautiful and loves beauty”

MIND. Ilmu pengetahuan itu adalah satu kewajipan yang akan mengangkat darjat seorang Muslim. Muslim yang cemerlang akan sentiasa terus menuntut ilmu sehingga ke akhir hayatnya. Ilmu yang dimaksudkan disini bukan hanya focus pada satu lapangan sahaja, tetapi merangkumi lapangan lain seperti seorang doctor yang turut mendalami ilmu hadis, seni dan falsafah. Individu yang cemerlang tidak akan hanya fokus pada bidangnya sahaja malah dia akan cuba mendalami bidang lain juga. Dalam pada itu, menjadi tanggung jawab seorang Muslim itu juga untuk memahirkan dirinya dengan ilmu Al-Quran (bacaan, tajwid, tafsir), ilmu hadith, sirah dan juga fiqh.

SOUL. Tanggungjawab Muslim kepada pembentukkan jiwanya juga memainkan peranan yang penting dalam usaha menjadi THE IDEAL MUSLIM. Muslim yang cemerlang akan sentiasa cuba untuk mempertingkatkan ketakwaan dan jati dirinya dengan mendekatkan diri kepada Allah. Mengamalkan doa-doa yang diamalkan oleh para Nabi dan Rasul InshaAllah dapat membantu Muslim membentuk jiwa yang mantap. Melihat kisah muallaf yang baru memeluk Islam (daripada youtube dan sbg.) dapat membantu kita melihat dari kaca mata sahabat baru tentang keindahan dan istimewanya Islam itu.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fullmetal Heart

A lesson without pain is meaningless,

For you cannot gain something without sacrificing something else in returns,

But once you have overcome it and made it your own

You will gain an irreplaceable fullmetal heart.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stand Your Ground

Abbey: I’m Jewish by the way.

Aishah: I’m Muslim.

Abbey: Wouldn’t it bother you to be friend with a Jewish girl.

I thought you Muslims hate us very much.

Aishah: I don’t hate a person because, he (she) is Jewish, Catholic, black or whatsoever.

A person is judged for what he (she) did. That is what Islam teaches us.

As a Muslim, I can’t agree with the Israel government, but to blame all Jewish for what’s happening in Palestine, It’s not fair right.

Abbey: I think so

Aishah: Then I think it is also unfair to all us Muslims to be labelled as terrorist, and saying Islam is a religion of terror.

Abbey: There’s so much hatred in this world.

I wish we could all live together in harmony.

Aishah: Then let us spread the words of peace. Start doing good things, even a small gesture will do.

There is from among them a party on the right course, but many of them follow a course that is evil” Quran [5:66]


Friday, June 4, 2010

Kuah Tak Tumpah Jauh

Semakin meningkat dewasa, semakin terasa diri ini banyak dipengaruhi mak dan abah. Dulu mak selalu marah kalau ada barang bersepah depan mata dan tak ada orang yang kemas. Lepas tu kami adik-beradik la akan tercicit-cicit susun barang tu. Kalau selipar bersepah depan rumah, nanti mak akan panggil suruh susun semua selipar tu elok-elok. Kalau sampah kat dapur dah penuh, nanti mak yang akan panggil suruh buang sampah takut nanti semut, lipas semua datang. Alasan mak senang,

“kalau kecik-kecik dah malas nak buat semua tu, nanti bila dah besar nanti dah kahwin ke suami atau bini yang jadi hamba.Mak tak nak macam tu. Mak tak nak orang cakap mak tak ajar anak mak semua tu.”

So, sejak dari tu kami adik-beradik akan peka dengan semua benda tu. Mula-mula, memang terpaksa buat semua tu sebab tak nak mak ‘bising’, tapi lama-lama dah jadi macam habit. Alhamdulillah, bila masuk SDAR pun, peraturan untuk maintain ‘kebersihan dan keceriaan’ bilik dan kelas tu ada so proses mendisiplinkan diri itu berterusan la. Sampai la sekarang PENGARUH MAK tu masih ada. Tak ke sedap mata memandang kalau benda tu terurus. =)

PENGARUH ABAH pula. Abah ni memang sangat suka dengan sound system. Rumah orang lain tak ada pun nak beli amplifier or equalizer or speaker semua tu, tapi abah pentingkan quality bunyi. Dulu memang aku tak faham pun kenapa la abah suka sangat dengan semua benda ni, sampai la bila aku duduk dekat SDAR, jadi P.A Man (bukan Pang Ah Man, itu supervisor kitaorang). Dari situ la cinta terhadap sound system ni berputik. Apa yang best sangat dengan sound system ni? Aku cuma boleh cakap, bila sound dia MANTAP satu kepuasan untuk orang yang mendengar. Kira BERKESAN la kerja kitaorang. Bila balik rumah baru la aku faham function speaker dekat rumah tu. Sayang tak ada bilik khas je nak tengok movie. Kalau tak, pergh~. Oleh sebab itulah aku sudah mendapatkan earphone yang terbaik untuk dengar lagu. ADIDAS SENNHEISER. Terbaik dari ladang. Memang mengancam. PENGARUH ABAH.

p/s: Betul kata orang, kuah tak akan tumpah jauh. v(^_^)v