Monday, July 26, 2010

Taking A Break

I'm going to take a break for a month. So, there'll be no new posts in the next coming days.

Be good, eat well, sleep well, study well, beribadah well!!!

Yuhki Kuromoto - LAKE LOUISE

Friday, July 23, 2010

Movie Pick of The Week (6)

Cerita lama lagi *sengih*, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT directed by William Friedkin. This movie was about Colonel (Samuel L. Jackson) who had been charged in the marine court for killing innocent civilians during his duty in Yemen. His friend (Tommy Lee Jones) a Vietnam War veteran became his attorney trying to defend him in the court-martial. The movie isn’t just about military but also a political movie. I see Samuel L. Jackson in this movie as a man of honour. He keeps to his oath as a marine soldier and a great leader to his fellow comrades. He had served his country for 33 years, but then when bad things happen, those ‘high-rank people’ easily used him as scapegoat. This movie will remind you the important of being a man with principle. That will determine what kind of person you are. Another thing is there are some scenes that took place in middle east, so you know what to expect right.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

You Want Perfection?

There is no doubt that every single person in this world is looking for a perfect life. It is in our nature to choose the best option for ourselves and the community. When it comes to religion, the concept is the same. We will look for the best. So whenever people ask you, why do you choose to be a Muslim? The answer is simple, because ISLAM is perfect. It leads people to perfection. That is what they call syumul in Arabic or menyeluruh in Malay. ISLAM is not just about pray 5 times a day, it is about everything.

adab in front of food, how to eat, how to drink

adab with people, parents, wife, children, neighbours

adab as a leader. How to run a business, how to run a country

adab of punishment

adab in the toilet/washroom

adab when you are together with your wife

adab of learning

In ISLAM there are guidelines for everything. For every task that we do, there is Dua’ for it. Before and after. So, there is nothing better than a religion that teaches and guides mankind in every single aspect of life from bottom to top, that religion is ISLAM. You want satisfaction and perfection in life. Learn about ISLAM, get to know ISLAM, and love ISLAM.

p/s: Semoga post ini dapat memberi manfaat kepada sekalian umat sejagat, untuk mengenal Islam bagi yang bukan Muslim, dan mensyukuri nikmat ISLAM bagi yang Muslim. Mudah-mudahan kita akan sentiasa berada di bawah rahmat dan perlindungan Tuhan Empunya Alam.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Friends VS 'Special' Friend

Friends - Lifelong friends

Special Friend - Girlfriend/Boyfriend

If you ask any of the guys which one is more important, most of them would probably say FRIENDS are more IMPORTANT than girlfriend. The reason is simple, we spent more time with our friends. We know our friends for yearsssss but girlfriend we only know her for what, 2 3 months? 1 year? Guys who went to boarding school will have stronger bond with his friends/ batch mates. That’s why they have all these SDARA dinner, MACOBA dinner and all the reunion activities after so many years they had left the school.

Lifelong friends are the second to know almost all about us other than our family members. They know, our sleeping style, they know which part of fried chicken that we like, they know our habits, and they share their hobbies, jokes and problem with us. We didn’t tell them all those things, they know because we grow up together for 5 years or even more. Your ‘Special Friend’ might not know all those things unless you tell her. Then what is the different, they both know something about us right. Take it like this, if someone give something that you like without you telling them that you want that thing, and someone that requires you to tell him/her that you want that thing, which want will you appreciate most (touch your heart)? Of course la, the first one right!!!

But hey, that doesn’t mean that we guys will ignore you just like that. Certain things we might enjoy doing it with our friends, even though if you don’t like or have no interest in what they do(kalau benda HARAM memang la kena benci) just be there to show your support to him. I guess you also want him to be there whenever you have some kind of tournament between girls (bola jaring, bowling, etc.), so it’s a win-win situation. We should practice this not during the time of ‘hangat-hangat bercinta’ but also after you get married. Barulah aman sentosa makmur bahagia.

- Lifelong Friends -


Monday, July 5, 2010

Little Bro "Danial"

Boleh tahan juga la my lil bro ni. Exam hari tu my Mak kata markah dia semua above 90, except kemahiran hidup yang ter'kantoi'. (walaupun tak berapa tahu sangat soalan apa yang cikgu dia bagi, still I'm proud of him *senyum). So, dengan result yang CEMERLANG dapat la dia hadiah baru from Abah. His teacher said "Danial dah besar nanti hantar sekolah muzik la, asyik nak nyanyi dgn main muzik je." Hahahaha

Danial and his new drum set in action