Friday, December 25, 2009

They Attacking Us

Recently, there’s an issue about this one particular book Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir in Turbulent Times written by Barry Wain. I’ve known long about the existence of that book, and as I expected the author did a ‘great’ job. Yes. His intention of writing that book is none other than to see people to fight each other especially amongst Malaysian and of course between rumpun Melayu itself (our neighbour, Indonesia). He wants to divert our focus from the important thing that is to develop this country in a way that everyone can enjoy prosperity, because he knows Malaysia can be a threat to westerns country someday (well, this is what I think).

As you can see, now DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang’s had gave a proposal to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to set up a royal commission (RC) to ascertain if Tun had burnt RM100bil on grandiose projects and on corruption. Lingam’s video nak royal commission, PKFZ issue nak royal commission, MACC (Teoh case) royal commission. Instead of demanding for Royal Commission on this and that, why don’t these MPs discuss about how to strengthen unity and fight poverty. Strategy to improve country’s economy, how to attract more foreign investors etc. The thing that bothers me most is whenever the royal commission publish their reports and the results is not as what they (MPs) expected then they will say RC also corrupt. *sigh*

MPs nowadays like to use this line “The rakyat have the right to know” do you people realize that. Ye la tu. Sometimes people just want to see others being humiliate. It always fun when it happens to others. Well I’m not sure if everything that Barry Wain wrote in his book is the truth or not, but to write something bad about others and distribute it to the worlds?? What the heck. Ala buku je pun~ My friend, mata penalah senjata yang paling berbahaya di akhir zaman ini.

I’m not writing this post because I’m a fan of Tun Dr. Mahathir or what, I just don’t like it when those selfish people try to intervene with our matters. Malaysians, don’t let these people break us apart. We have to trust each other, be tolerance, and be wise in everything. We should stay together as a country regardless of what others want to say about us. Our beloved country have the potential to be one of the most influential nation in this region, it depends on us to grow that potential. In God we Trust.

Sebuah negara itu seperti sebuah keluarga, dan pemimpin-pemimpin negara ibarat suami isteri yang akan menentukan arah tuju keluarga itu. Rakyat adalah anak. Pertelingkahan pasti wujud antara suami isteri, tapi perlukah suami isteri bergaduh depan anak-anak, apatah lagi dikhalayak ramai secara terbuka dan bermegah-megah dengannya???

“Don’t waste your time meddling in other people shit.”


Friday, December 18, 2009

You Can!!!

My result for the first block exam has come out already, Alhamdulillah I passed all the subjects. Mintak dijauhkan dari Istidiraj. Actually I thought that I’m going to fail one subject, BIOCHEM. So, when I found that I passed all the subjects only GOD knows how happy I am!!! Yeah my result isn’t that good compare to others yang dapat distinction. They work hard, they study hard, they all bersengkang mata berjaga sampai lewat malam study,they deserve it. Well I’m not like that. Not yet, maybe this block, or maybe next block, or maybe university exam. Who knows ???

Seriously I slept like baby during the exam week. 9 hours. Tipu la if I said I didn’t touch any books for the block exam. I did wake up in the middle of night to study, but only for one hour (hahaha) useless. The next day, pagi go breakfast then study a lil bit (just nak sedapkan hati) again useless. Then in the evening after dzuhur sat for the paper. Did I tell you, I read manga every night during the exam week and pagi before start study. I can sit in front the screen for two hours just to ‘enjoy’ DETECTIVE CONAN, but can’t even spent 50 minutes to read ANATOMY, PHYSIO, and BIOCHEM for BLOCK EXAM!!

Then the other day when I took my exam papers from my mentor she did asked me how’s the block exam. So I told her that I’m not well prepared for the block exam actually. Besides, I’m not familiar with how the exam was conducted. So last block exam was my ‘experiment’. My answers (exam) was based on everything that I learned in the class and lil bit using my logics. I know I can do much much better if I work hard, but first I must overcome my hypersleepia (i don’t know the exact term) and be RAJIN Everyone has potential to success, the only thing is NAK KE TAK NAK. . It's funny when I was in a state of ‘MALAS’ people still said that I was ‘RAJIN’. Haish~ muka aku ni muka rajin ke??? Hahahaha poyo habis. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Selamat Tahun Baru HIJRAH. Let us together improve ourselves to be a better Muslim. InshaALLAH.

“Know your strength, know your weakness,

both can be the most powerful weapon of yours.

Only if you know how to use them”


Friday, December 11, 2009

Just For You

I learned to play keyboard since 2007,
from a great friend of mine...
Thanks a lot dude.
I dedicate this song to all of you,
My Family,
My Teachers,
My Friends,
and those who have enlighten my day all these long years.

Especially to my beloved mother;
Nor Saadah Binti Hj. Abu Bakar

Happy Birthday Mak


Saturday, December 5, 2009

India Chapter: Part4

A minute ago, baru lepas call rumah. Tak ada nak cakap apa sangat pun, just nak sembang-sembang dengan family. Paling best cakap dengan Danial. Danial yang suka merajuk, and along yang suka buat Danial merajuk. HAHAHAHA.

Last night, ada MMMC annual dinner. Ada awards untuk Distinction students and 100% attendance *senyum* (ada makna). When I think about it, aku tak pernah pun dapat award gempak-gempak untuk academic sejak dari sekolah rendah, tapi sejak dari sekolah rendah gak la aku asyik berangan bila la dapat naik pentas amik award-award special macam tu. Keep dreaming and make reality. InshaAllah akan ada masa dia nanti.

Last Tuesday, tetiba di serang DEMAM... Nasib baik cepat-cepat amik ubat, so lepas mendapat rehat/tido yang lebih, akhirnya Berjaya survive untuk terus hidup pada keesokkan harinya. (^_^).

Last week baru lepas Block exam. Nak kata susah sangat tak juga, senang pun tak juga. Tapi yang pasti aku sangat sangat sangat ‘berdebar-debar’ tunggu result nak kuar. Macam dah bleh agak je~. Kalau prediction aku ni salah, nanti ada satu post pasal block exam plak. Hehehe.

Last month, kitorg (aku, farid, syazwan, redza) sibuk cari rumah sebab after 6 months, ktorg kene move out duduk luar. Cari punya cari jumpa la satu rumah baru yang lawa dan sangat besar. Mula-mula macam tak nak sewa sebab mahal sangat, tapi bagi aku ok la sebab sorang nak satu bilik kan so sacrifice sikit la. Benda last yang aku nak story, aku sudah ada vespa!!! Hahaha. Tak pernah terfikir aku akan bawak vespa. Cerita pasal vespa pun akan ada dalam post yang akan datang. *smile*