Friday, May 30, 2014

Analogi: Pilih Baju Ikut Saiz Badan

Pernah rasa tak apabila kita terbaca tentang pengalaman hidup orang lain atau ada orang berkongsi dengan kita pasal pengalaman hidup dia, kita rasa macam “Eh, sama la macam aku!!!” “Benda ni pun pernah terjadi kat aku dulu.” Perkara ini pernah beberapa kali terjadi pada penulis. Dan ada masanya apabila kita baca tentang pengalaman hidup sesetengah orang lain kita akan rasa sebaliknya, “Tak sangka ada orang hidup macam ni” “Untunglah parents boleh bagi kereta sebab dapat 8A”

Dan seperti kebanyakkan orang lain, penulis suka belajar daripada pengalaman hidup orang lain. Tetapi kita perlu ingat bahawa setiap individu latar belakang hidup mereka tidak semuanya sama. Ada orang hidupnya senang sejak dilahirkan sehinggalah ke dewasa. Ada orang hidupnya susah dari kecil hingga besar. Ada orang hidupnya susah semasa kecil dan apabila dewasa barulah dapat merasai kesenangan dan ada pula yang hidupnya senang semasa kecil dan apabila dewasa hilang segala kesenangan itu. Penulis sudah katakan diawal tadi bahawa latar belakang hidup semua orang tidak sama, tetapi tidak bermakna tidak ada antara kita yang mempunyai pengalaman hidup yang  hampir-hampir sama, ibarat saiz baju.

Friday, May 23, 2014

P2S1: Medical Competency Exam (1)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim~ I don’t know where to start, but I will try to make it short and sweet *smile*. About a month ago from 22th – 30th April 2014, I sat for the Phase II Stage I (P2S1) competency exam, an important exam before we can proceed to the final year. How was it? Alhamdulillah, praise to the Almighty Allah, it went well for me. I must say the stress that I had during the exam week was far greater than any other school or college exams that I ever experienced. I’m just an average medical student from Melaka-Manipal Medical College. Other medical students from other medical school probably have different experienced during their college/university exams.

When we started seventh semester, I said this to myself “I have to get serious from now on, start making my own notes, and do well in every end-posting-exam (EOP).” I was doing very well in every posting except for one posting in which I got a very low marks for the bed-side long case exam. When I looked at my marks for that posting, I have this thought, “This is not fair!! I deserved more than that!!” My group mate suggested that I go and meet the faculty in charge of our batch and talk about, in which I didn’t go. I remember one of the lecturers said, “You are going to need all the luck that you can get during your P2S1, so don’t waste it on getting a proxy, or cheating during you EOP”

In our college, if you didn’t do well in any one of your postings in fourth year, you have to work harder for the university exam P2S1. Normal candidates if they fail in one of the clinical component of the university exam, they can still reseat for the exam after a month, but for those who don’t do well in their EOP they cannot afford to fail in any one of the clinical components because they will straight away fail and have to take the exam again in 6 months time.

For that reason in my case I was the “special” candidate. When I think about it over again, I should be grateful. Because of that title “special”, it motivated me to work harder for my university exam. I started making my own notes more vigorously, making my study plan and followed it. The only thing that I didn’t do is have my own study group. No matter how many hours you spend your time on studying alone, there will be something that you overlook. Alhamdulillah during the exam week, I had a small discussion with my housemates, and from that discussion I realized things that I didn’t know so I read about those things.

To be continued…