Monday, August 30, 2010


There’s a saying that men’s brain are ‘build’ to solve problems. They say we men have the ability to compartmentalize (I’m not sure what’s that suppose to mean) our thoughts which make us, men an efficient problems solver. How the researchers conducted the study of this matter I do not know. So in this post I just want to share with you guys the experience of me solving problems in life.

Every time I face any difficulties or conflicts, I prefer to be alone. I need my own space and time to find the solution and solve the problem, well of course that was after all the ‘cursing’ that I made when I first encounter the problems. Normal la kan. Bukan senang nak kawal diri dari ‘melatah’, itu yang kadang-kadang terkeluar bodoh betul la” “b*b* betul la”. I’m trying to get a hold of myself on that one. Back to our discussion. =) In the period of isolating myself from others, I’ll try to find out where I did wrong. Once I figure out my mistakes I’ll just put on a plan to solve the problem and walla, the problem is solved. This is the fastest, quickest method of me solving problems that doesn’t involve other persons.

If the problems I encounter require me to communicate with others only then I’ll ask other people opinion, what would they do if they face the same problem mostly when girl is the subject. We men don’t really know how to handle girls, and that’s when your ‘kawan perempuan’ come in handy. Women when they solve problems, they’ll always take into account the emotional aspect. Men on the other hand less likely to take that part into consideration.

“it is the first important not to allow your judgement be biased by personal qualities”

-Sherlock Holmes-

What I can say here is whatever, whenever you run into any problems try to find the solution on your own first. But make sure the action you take will not do harm to you or others. Sometime people just not sure if that is the right way to handle the problem, then you can ask your family or your friends for their opinion. The point that I want to stress here is TRY TO SOLVE IT ON YOUR OWN FIRST. When you directly ask for answers from others without you yourself trying to solve the problem first can sometime be quite annoying. As if you are the only person in this world that have problem. Duh~ Kalau asyik tanya jawapan orang, sampai bila-bila la kita tak belajar untuk BERdiri-Di-KAki-sendiRI. Kalau tak boleh BERDIKARI, macam mana potensi diri nak berkembang.


Thursday, August 19, 2010



“Tabiatnya buruk. Dia tidak suka mengakui kesalahannya. lbubapanya perlu mendidiknya bagi menghilangkan tabiat buruk itu, jika tidak, kehidupannya akan menjadi susah di kemudian hari. Walaupun begitu, sekiranya dia melakukan sesuatu untuk kepentingan dirinya, selalunya ianya akan mendatangkan hasil.

Kalau mengikut calendar Hijriah, I was born on 4 Safar 1410. Bila baca kelakar pun ada. Apalah agaknya tabiat buruk tu? Hanya orang disekeliling yang boleh bagitahu. Patut tanya mak dan abah “susah ke nak besarkan anak bujang yang seorang ni?” =D. Apa-apa pun, I think my parents are great!!!

“Righteousness comes from Allah and good manners come from parents”

(Bukhari: Al-adab al Mufrad)