Friday, December 25, 2009

They Attacking Us

Recently, there’s an issue about this one particular book Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir in Turbulent Times written by Barry Wain. I’ve known long about the existence of that book, and as I expected the author did a ‘great’ job. Yes. His intention of writing that book is none other than to see people to fight each other especially amongst Malaysian and of course between rumpun Melayu itself (our neighbour, Indonesia). He wants to divert our focus from the important thing that is to develop this country in a way that everyone can enjoy prosperity, because he knows Malaysia can be a threat to westerns country someday (well, this is what I think).

As you can see, now DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang’s had gave a proposal to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to set up a royal commission (RC) to ascertain if Tun had burnt RM100bil on grandiose projects and on corruption. Lingam’s video nak royal commission, PKFZ issue nak royal commission, MACC (Teoh case) royal commission. Instead of demanding for Royal Commission on this and that, why don’t these MPs discuss about how to strengthen unity and fight poverty. Strategy to improve country’s economy, how to attract more foreign investors etc. The thing that bothers me most is whenever the royal commission publish their reports and the results is not as what they (MPs) expected then they will say RC also corrupt. *sigh*

MPs nowadays like to use this line “The rakyat have the right to know” do you people realize that. Ye la tu. Sometimes people just want to see others being humiliate. It always fun when it happens to others. Well I’m not sure if everything that Barry Wain wrote in his book is the truth or not, but to write something bad about others and distribute it to the worlds?? What the heck. Ala buku je pun~ My friend, mata penalah senjata yang paling berbahaya di akhir zaman ini.

I’m not writing this post because I’m a fan of Tun Dr. Mahathir or what, I just don’t like it when those selfish people try to intervene with our matters. Malaysians, don’t let these people break us apart. We have to trust each other, be tolerance, and be wise in everything. We should stay together as a country regardless of what others want to say about us. Our beloved country have the potential to be one of the most influential nation in this region, it depends on us to grow that potential. In God we Trust.

Sebuah negara itu seperti sebuah keluarga, dan pemimpin-pemimpin negara ibarat suami isteri yang akan menentukan arah tuju keluarga itu. Rakyat adalah anak. Pertelingkahan pasti wujud antara suami isteri, tapi perlukah suami isteri bergaduh depan anak-anak, apatah lagi dikhalayak ramai secara terbuka dan bermegah-megah dengannya???

“Don’t waste your time meddling in other people shit.”


Friday, December 18, 2009

You Can!!!

My result for the first block exam has come out already, Alhamdulillah I passed all the subjects. Mintak dijauhkan dari Istidiraj. Actually I thought that I’m going to fail one subject, BIOCHEM. So, when I found that I passed all the subjects only GOD knows how happy I am!!! Yeah my result isn’t that good compare to others yang dapat distinction. They work hard, they study hard, they all bersengkang mata berjaga sampai lewat malam study,they deserve it. Well I’m not like that. Not yet, maybe this block, or maybe next block, or maybe university exam. Who knows ???

Seriously I slept like baby during the exam week. 9 hours. Tipu la if I said I didn’t touch any books for the block exam. I did wake up in the middle of night to study, but only for one hour (hahaha) useless. The next day, pagi go breakfast then study a lil bit (just nak sedapkan hati) again useless. Then in the evening after dzuhur sat for the paper. Did I tell you, I read manga every night during the exam week and pagi before start study. I can sit in front the screen for two hours just to ‘enjoy’ DETECTIVE CONAN, but can’t even spent 50 minutes to read ANATOMY, PHYSIO, and BIOCHEM for BLOCK EXAM!!

Then the other day when I took my exam papers from my mentor she did asked me how’s the block exam. So I told her that I’m not well prepared for the block exam actually. Besides, I’m not familiar with how the exam was conducted. So last block exam was my ‘experiment’. My answers (exam) was based on everything that I learned in the class and lil bit using my logics. I know I can do much much better if I work hard, but first I must overcome my hypersleepia (i don’t know the exact term) and be RAJIN Everyone has potential to success, the only thing is NAK KE TAK NAK. . It's funny when I was in a state of ‘MALAS’ people still said that I was ‘RAJIN’. Haish~ muka aku ni muka rajin ke??? Hahahaha poyo habis. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Selamat Tahun Baru HIJRAH. Let us together improve ourselves to be a better Muslim. InshaALLAH.

“Know your strength, know your weakness,

both can be the most powerful weapon of yours.

Only if you know how to use them”


Friday, December 11, 2009

Just For You

I learned to play keyboard since 2007,
from a great friend of mine...
Thanks a lot dude.
I dedicate this song to all of you,
My Family,
My Teachers,
My Friends,
and those who have enlighten my day all these long years.

Especially to my beloved mother;
Nor Saadah Binti Hj. Abu Bakar

Happy Birthday Mak


Saturday, December 5, 2009

India Chapter: Part4

A minute ago, baru lepas call rumah. Tak ada nak cakap apa sangat pun, just nak sembang-sembang dengan family. Paling best cakap dengan Danial. Danial yang suka merajuk, and along yang suka buat Danial merajuk. HAHAHAHA.

Last night, ada MMMC annual dinner. Ada awards untuk Distinction students and 100% attendance *senyum* (ada makna). When I think about it, aku tak pernah pun dapat award gempak-gempak untuk academic sejak dari sekolah rendah, tapi sejak dari sekolah rendah gak la aku asyik berangan bila la dapat naik pentas amik award-award special macam tu. Keep dreaming and make reality. InshaAllah akan ada masa dia nanti.

Last Tuesday, tetiba di serang DEMAM... Nasib baik cepat-cepat amik ubat, so lepas mendapat rehat/tido yang lebih, akhirnya Berjaya survive untuk terus hidup pada keesokkan harinya. (^_^).

Last week baru lepas Block exam. Nak kata susah sangat tak juga, senang pun tak juga. Tapi yang pasti aku sangat sangat sangat ‘berdebar-debar’ tunggu result nak kuar. Macam dah bleh agak je~. Kalau prediction aku ni salah, nanti ada satu post pasal block exam plak. Hehehe.

Last month, kitorg (aku, farid, syazwan, redza) sibuk cari rumah sebab after 6 months, ktorg kene move out duduk luar. Cari punya cari jumpa la satu rumah baru yang lawa dan sangat besar. Mula-mula macam tak nak sewa sebab mahal sangat, tapi bagi aku ok la sebab sorang nak satu bilik kan so sacrifice sikit la. Benda last yang aku nak story, aku sudah ada vespa!!! Hahaha. Tak pernah terfikir aku akan bawak vespa. Cerita pasal vespa pun akan ada dalam post yang akan datang. *smile*


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Relakskan mata...

Aduih... Penat mata duduk baca buku... So I surf the net cari gambar-gambar best untuk cuci mata... And tada!!

Suke gambar yang pertama sebab tak pernah tengok sawah yang luas. Teringin nak tido kat pondok kat sawah tu.

Suke gambar yang kedua, sebab rasa tenang je. Macam boleh dengar bunyi air sungai mengalir.

Seronok kalau ada rumah tepi sawah, and kat belakang rumah pulak tu ada sungai. (^_^)


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Walk The Talk

Today (13/11/2009) our college received a visit from the Director General of Health, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Hj. Mohd Ismail Bin Merican. He is very friendly I tell you. This morning during our dissection, he came to the dissection hall observing the anatomy class. Later after the break around 11am we went to Valley View Hotel where he’s addressing all the Malaysian students of Manipal University. Earlier I thought not to come for the speech because I have severe leg pain. Then I decided better to go la~ Bila lagi nak dapat can jumpa VIP from Malaysia datang Manipal. I like his speech or should I say story very very much. He gave us advice from his own experience, and together with his enthusiasm his speech really inspired everyone in the hall. Not to forget his sense of humour really makes the audience ‘alive’.

I like this kind of people. They give advice base on their own experience, rather than certain people who give advice just from their reading without any experience and yet they said ‘ I know how you feel’. Ever heard the term ‘Book smart’ and ‘Street smart’. ‘Book smart’ is more like he knows lot of facts, but he lacks of clinical skill or survival skill or even interpersonal skill. ‘Street smart’ this kind of person, you put him anywhere on the globe he knows how survive.

Thank god, I had a wonderful childhood memory with my dad. I helped him washed his car, I helped him when he worked with his tools; saw, drill, hammer (some people don’t even know how to hold hammer correctly). I helped him when he changed the bulb, I learned from him how to make ‘bara’ for BBQ. Thank god I have my mom, who is really strict about cleanliness, tidiness and the importance of being able to do things on your own. My family, my friends and the environment are my ‘teachers’ in the real world.

Saya bukan nak memperlekehkan sesiapa, sekadar untuk renungan bersama. Seorang yang mendapat pendidikan agama yang tinggi, sentiasa menyampaikan pesanan kepada orang di sekelilingnya tetapi in real life dia sendiri tidak pedulikan perasaan orang lain. ‘Cakap tak serupa bikin’. Sebab itu saya lebih mengagumi orang yang menggunakan pendekatan ‘kepimpinan melalui teladan’ or ‘berdakwah melalui teladan’ a role model. Say Less Act More.

Why am I telling all this, the other day I had a chat with a non-muslim friend. He asked me if I ever try Bak Kut Teh. He said to me, “you should try la bro, banyak Melayu in my area sudah try.” Dalam hati saya terdetik, no wonder they dare to say bad things about us these days. Sometimes we are the one who make fun with the ‘rules’ and when others say bad things about it, we argue with them acting like we care.

Senang cerita macam ini la, orang bagi you jaga bola yang baru dibeli dan dia kata jangan sepak bola itu. You jenis yang kepala batu, so you sesuka hati sepak bola tu. Then orang lain datang dan sepak bola tu sesuka hati , lepastu you marah dia and kata ‘tuan punya bola tak kasi sepak bola ini’. What is this!!?? You guys are clever than me. Think.

‘Walk The Talk’


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

India Chapter: Part3

Sejak duduk kat India ni, 2 barang aku yang sangat berharga dah rosak. The first one is my shoes. My dad bought it for me for the IB graduation day. Baru minggu lepas cermin mata putih pulak hilang satu tangkai. We all adik-beradik memang dah dididik supaya jaga barang elok-elok. Lagi-lagi kalau barang tu mak atau abah yang belikan rase macam teramat-amat tinggi la nilai barang tu. Itu yang bila kasut and spect rosak rasa down je, susah nak dapat kan.

Down tak lama pun. Last week, I bought myself an IPod nano. HAPPY. Kasut pun dah hantar repair, and it is now good as new. DOUBLE HAPPY. Spect baru pun dah buat and dah siap pun, color still the same, white. TRIPLE HAPPY. Kasut dah ok, spect pun dah ok, Ipod dah ada (untuk study kat foodcourt), table lamp pun dah ade (untuk study kat bilik), yang tinggal sekarang cuma nak study je.

NEW SPECT + NEW IPod = ???

Kita tengok nanti apa hasilnya. “Learning should be fun right, so chill la wei~”. Jangan duk asyik study sampai diri tak terurus, bilik bersepah, baju tak bersgosok. Orang macam ini kalau ada PhD pun aku tak heran. Ada kaitan ke semua tu?? Bagi aku ada, tak tau la apa orang lain kata. Lain orang lain pendapat. Korang ada akal kan, so use your head not your kepala lutut.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Sign of weakness???

I haven’t been crying for quite some time, because I don’t want them, those who I care the most to worry about me.

I don’t want them to see the other side of me, my weakness I should say... because one day, I’ll be the one who is going to look after them. I have to be strong. A ‘leader’ should be bold and invincible.

For the past few months, I cried. Twice. Both times, I was thinking of someone. Is it a sign of weakness? “Men don’t cry” this is what they said.

Now I know why it is man alone who laughs. He alone suffers so deeply that he had to invent laughter.

Guys and girls.. If you want to cry, don't cry because your girlfriend/boyfriend left you. That is the stupidest thing to do and you just 'wasting' your tears.

Golongan yang akan mendapat naungan arasy Allah, " Lelaki apabila mengingati Allah bersendirian menitis airmatanya"


Sunday, November 1, 2009

For the sake of...

Kita selalu mendengar dan melihat perbandingan yang dibuat antara satu individu dengan individu yang lain, satu kumpulan dengan kumpulan yang lain, satu organisasi dengan organisasi yang lain, satu Negara dengan Negara yang lain, satu budaya dengan budaya yang lain, satu agama dengan agama yang lain.

Saya lebih tertarik dengan perbandingan antara individu kerana perkara ini yang sering kita alami dan kadang-kala kita sendiri melakukannya sama ada secara sedar atau tidak sedar.

Comparison atau perbandingan ini boleh membawa kepada kebaikkan dan juga keburukkan. Then again, it depends on how the person wants to evaluate it. “Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih” tapi kadang-kadang itu, yang keruh juga nak diambil lebih. Terpulanglah~

Semasa saya masih di bangku sekolah rendah, emak selalu membandingkan saya dengan akak “tengok along, belajar rajin, periksa selalu dapat nombor satu, angah dapat nombor 6.” Selalu sangat mak bandingkan saya dengan akak, dan sebab saya tak suka dibandingkan saya cabar diri saya untuk ‘atasi’ pencapaian akak. Sejak dari sekolah rendah hingga ke tingkatan 3 saya jadikan akak saya sebagai penanda aras yang perlu saya atasi, dialah motivasi saya.

Kemudian bila saya masuk tingkatan 4, saya merasakan apabila kita terlalu ikutkan sangat ‘perbandingan’ yang dibuat, ia akan jadikan kita seorang yang hanya tertumpu pada suatu perkara sahaja. Kalau orang bandingkan kita dengan orang pandai, janganlah sampai 24/7 duduk menghadap buku. Kalau orang bandingkan kita dengan sportsman, janganlah sampai pelajaran diabaikan. Kalau bandingkan kita denga artis, janganlah sampai didikan agama semua kita tolak tepi. Sebab itu ISLAM sendiri mengajar kita bersederhana dalam semua perkara.

Apabila kita kejar dunia, akhirat akan lari daripada kita. Apabila kita kejar akhirat, dunia akan tunduk kepada kita’. Satu kata pujangga yang boleh kita renung-renungkan. When you do something, do it for the sake of IBADAH. Nasihat untuk diri saya yang kadang-kadang lalai.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

India Chapter: Part2

It has been more than one month of my stay in India. So far everything just fine, I kept telling people the same answer whenever they asked me “how’s India?” What about the food?? Here they also have Nasi Goreng Kampung, Nasi Pattaya, Mee Goreng and Nasi Campur, but my favourite meal so far is Manipal Canteen's Butter Nan & Tandoori Chicken. =)

Sports?? I play futsal whenever I feel like playing, otherwise I just go for a walk. Weekend InshaAllah if there is nothing to do, I’ll go jogging.

Study?? Study ok lar~ I’m not the type that go to library to study. Most of the times, I study with my friend at the Food Court. For certain people, it is not a convenient place to study. Too much noise!! Sometimes it can be really distracting, but better than in my room. Too quiet, I start study at 8.00pm and after half an hour, I already feel sleepy. Hahahaha. I plan to buy an Ipod Nano or maybe a PSP. Which one is better huh??

Classmates?? As usual, the typical Khairul who always have problem remembering people’s name. *Gomennasai* I only know the name of those who are the same table as me in the dissection hall, and those who are in the same PBL group with me. No worries. After one year I guarantee , I’ll remember their names. The weather is very hot here right now, that's why I always keep my umbrella with me, jaga kulit yop takut nanti sama colour cam tempe.

p/s: I have a mild flu this week, and next week I have test for biochemistry and physiology. All the best ya!!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

All The Best Sis!!!

I know it’s hard, staring at those books day and night

I know it’s not easy, especially when everyone is expecting you to get excellent result.

I know you really want to make mak, abah, along, angah and Danial proud of you.

But remember this my lil sis,

Trust yourself,

Do it for yourself,

Do it for your future,

Do it for the purpose of Ibadah,

Jaga sembahyang, jaga kesihatan, jaga makan, the rest nanti mak akan sambung... hehehe

Angah will always pray for your success. All the best!!!


Baru Sedar...

Betul kata orang, “berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu yang memikulnya”. Pada mulanya, A bercadang nak melawat B di hospital kelmarin tetapi atas sebab-sebab yang tak dapat nak dielakkan A tak dapat pergi. Alhamdulillah, semalam A ada masa lapang so sempatlah pergi melawat B.

Nak kata kawan karib mungkin tak kot, tetapi A sedar tanggungjawabnya sebagai seorang Muslim ke atas Muslim lain. Ada hikmah Tuhan itu member kesakitan ke atas hambanya, supaya dia dapat merasakan apa yang sahabatnya rasa. Hari ni hari dia, esok lusa mana tau hari kita pula.

A just teman B sembang-sembang, perkara yang jarang atau tak pernah A lakukan sebelum ini. Sambil-sambil berbual tu, A pun tanye B macam mana dia boleh start dapat sakit ni. B pun story everything from A to Z.

Dalam pada itu, A ada terfikir adakah nasib B akan berlainan kalau dia tak join PERTANDINGAN tu? Adakah nasib B akan berlainan kalau dia tak SAKIT? Bukannya B minta jadi macam tu pun. Ada hikmah untuk dia dan family and untuk kawan-kawannya.

A ada tanya pada B, kenapa tak lepak dengan budak-budak lain? Katanya sebab sakit yang amat sangat, tak boleh nak berjalan. A rasa mungkin B manjakan sangat badannya. (Ceh cakap boleh la, cuba hang yang sakit)

Mungkin lebih baik kalu B study kat Malaysia, kalau ada ape2 problem senang family boleh tengok-tengokkan. B ada kata, dia sebenarnya pun memang tak nak datang sini, tapi kakak and ayah dia suruh fly juga.

Sekarang A dah tau sikit-sikit pasal B, so tak payah la cakap lagi bukan-bukan pasal dia. (cukup-cukup la cakap belakang pasal orang) Tapi memang macam tu pun, ada orang tak tau apa-apa pasal kita (just dengar dari mulut orang, tak pernah nak selidik) then sibuk-sibuk nak mengata pasal kita. Better duk diam-diam daripada buat dosa mengumpat orang. Orang kata A jahat, A memang jahat pun, mulut laser, tapi tak la kejam sangat.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Movie Pick of The Week (4)

I just watched- The Proposal

My comment- 4 stars =P.

One word to describe this film- FUN

Best part- "It's morning!!" hahaha super hilarious.

"Sometimes the one that is destined to be our soul mate is right in front of our eyes,
only that we don't realize it yet"


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Day after day, I come to realize that everything in this world is simple. The only thing that makes this world looks like so complicated, unfair, and devastating is the human itself. You ride a bike and then you get yourself in an accident. Do you blame the bike manufacturer for the accident?? It is you who ride the bike, so literally it is your mistake. If you follow the rules, then everything will be fine, everyone will be happy. I mean the rules that had been written long time ago before the creation of this world. Islam itu SYUMUL.

“... This day I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion...” (Al-Maidah:3)

I believe in other religions, they also encourage their devotees to promote good deeds and to respect the others regardless of their belief. RESPECT.

Whatever it is, there will always be two sides. Good and bad as how we always look at it. Somehow I don’t like to use that terms. How can you determine one side is bad and the other is good? You tell me. Do your really know that person? Is it because of your gut telling you that he/she is a bad person? Or you just follow what others do?

God make every one of us different from each other for a reason. Some are optimistic and there are others that pessimistic. It is for us to learn from each other, NOT TO CONDEMN each other. The point of having two parties is to do the ‘checks-and-balances’. It isn’t sinful to voice out your thoughts but try to do it in a respectful way. Again RESPECT. Everybody makes a mistake. As long as you admit your mistake and you learn from it, which is good enough for me. Orang yang menegur and ditegur masing-masing kena buat reflection. Sometimes the way we ‘tegur’ agak menyakitkan hati juga, perasan tak?? But still we can improve on that right. InshaALLAH kalau niat baik everything will be fine.

“ Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles” –Ralph Waldo Emerson-


Friday, September 25, 2009

I Just Want to Say...

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;

You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;

I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;

You raise me up: To more than I can be.

To Mak and Abah, even though Angah tak pernah say this words to you,

but Angah just want you to know how grateful I am for having you two in my life.

Thank you for everything that you have done for me all these years. While I’m away, I leave

everything to The Almighty to look after my family, as He is The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Salam Aidilfitri

Walaupun pada saat-saat akhir raya di INDIA terpaksa di postpone daripada hari AHAD ke hari ISNIN, tapi saya masih BAHAGIA huhuhu. Berkesempatan call family di pagi Hari Raya MALAYSIA. Pengalaman beraya di INDIA:

Tak sempat sembahyang raya, sebab ingat start sembahyang pukul 8.45pagi, sekali start sembahyang 7.45. Salah BAYLEE sebab kacau aku tidur last night sampai aku jadi ‘bengong’ skit. Ahaks.

Pergi jamuan Raya di Premier Greenwood, student KMS yang ada cuma aku, SYITAH, SHERA and NA’IMAH (yang lain beraya di Davangere). Walaupun berempat still enjoy. The food was delicious. Dressing aku yang agak kurang kacak, kalau mak nampak mesti marah, so terpaksa edit sedikit gambar. *smile* Agak panas, dengan berbaju Melayu lagi, so aku balik awal.

Lepas Zuhur, keluar dengan Baylee pergi MANIPAL LAKE. The place is great, very nice, bleh naik boat... BUT... ade banyak sangat anjing la. Nasib baik ade Baylee. Sebab anjing tu macam syiok kat kitorg, so ktorg decide balik awal.*grin*

Petang lepas Asar pergi main Futsal dengan batchmates MBBS. Puas giler, tak payah nak berebut court. The other day sempat main cricket dengan locals. Datang INDIA kalau tak main cricket rugi la beb. Hehehe. And malam ber’skype’ dengan budak-budak kat US. Seronok sakan.

"Salam Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin"


Saturday, September 19, 2009

India Chapter: Part1

09/09/09 was the most significant and momentous date in my life. I’ve been dreaming to further my study abroad since primary school, and my dream came true on that very day... Alhamdulillah... I was deeply touched when my uncles and their family were there at the airport to send me, and also my fellow SDARians (Mentol, Mad, Atif, Izwan and Zaid). The only thing that makes me terkilan sangat because I didn’t had the chance to give my mother pelukan terakhir. InshaAllah mak, angah akan ingat pesan mak selalu. 22:10 hours, MH192 left Kuala Lumpur International Airport for Bangalore.

10/09/09. We stayed for one night at the Mount View Hotel, very nice place but they charged us per head which was quite expensive. Our flight to Mangalore supposed to be at 06:00 hours, but the ‘officer’ in charge said our flight was cancelled – there was strike going on at the Bangalore International Airport at that time. Thought that we have to stay for another night at the hotel – another 1,800 rupees – we were lucky because there was another flight that evening. From Mangalore Airport to MM Medical College (MMMC) we got the chance to experience the-extreme-roller-coaster-ride, just use your imagination. It took 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach our campus.

11/09/09. The Malaysian seniors are great, ala diorang pun same umur gak dengan kitorg. They all took us for a walk around the campus area, showed us some makan place in the area. We bought some stuff – dissection kit, lab coat, name tag. We took AUTO to the mosque for Friday prayer, only 15 rupees. Then we went shopping again. We break fast at Manipal Canteen. The food was great – SERIOUSLY – After Isya’ we tarawikh in my room. I don’t expect much from India, but so far everything looks fine.

14/09/09. Registration day. Went through lot of process. Waiting for the long queue. Plus everything seems to be disorganized to me. I paid half of the hostel fee. After Zuhur, went to the MMMC building with Redza. They spelt his name wrongly. Then, went to the Manipal.Edu building to get the ‘no objection form’ from the chief warden. Went to BNSL – the India Internet service provider that the staff itself don’t use any laptops or desktops!! And we asked them to install internet connection in our room, what a joke =P. Bought egg cheese burger at Dollops for break fast. After Maghrib, went to bed early. Woke up at 23.45 for Isya’ prayer.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

I still remember... When I was in SDAR, Mr. Sahak had once said, "if you want your day to be wonderful, we must start your day with something good. Something that will ignite the flame of happiness in you." I do take his advice. Most of the time I prefer to listen to my favourite songs, but listen to the same song over and over again sure can make you vomit to death (ya ada hiperbola di situ)... Other than listening to musics, I like to watch funny things and listen to some jokes. Kalau dulu kat radio ERA, aku suke dengar 'Gitu-gitu Apek di ERA'memang terbaik dari ladang. Time tengah lepak-lepak pasang PA system untuk assembly, sambil dengar 'Gitu-gitu Apek', pecah perut aku dengan budak-budak PA lain gelak. Then when I was in KMS, my roomate always tune the radio to MIX FM, and ada satu segmen tu super duper hilarious. Sambil makan nasi lemak, sambil dengar, pastu bile gelak, tercekik pulak, lepas tu tercicit-cicit lari pergi vending machine beli air. hohoho. So bile kat rumah, I like to watch Whose Line Is It Anyway. Yup!! The show where everything is made up and the point doesn't matter.Those guys in that show are very very very very talented. Tengok sekali pasti nak lagi. This is one of my favourite episode of WLIIA. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you WAYNE, DREW, COLLIN and RYAN.

Sometimes we just laugh when we see others laugh.... hahaha... who cares??


Monday, August 31, 2009

Salam Merdeka, Salam Perpaduan

"Bangsa Merdeka, Bangsa Bermaruah"

Jika kamu ingin melihat masa depan sesebuah negara, lihatlah pada generasi mudanya


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Your way is yours, and my way is mine (2)

To you be your religion, and to me my religion” [Surah Al-Kafirun: Ayat 6]

Ada sebab kenapa penulis memulakan penulisan post kali ini dengan sepotong ayat daripada surah Al-Kafirun (The Unbelievers). Kalau dulu ada pihak yang mempersoalkan tentang kes murtad Lina Joy, kemudian kecoh satu Malaysia bila Majlis Fatwa mengharamkan yoga. Hari ini hangat pula diperkatakan tentang hukuman sebat yang dikenakan oleh Mahkhamah Syari'ah ke atas seorang wanita.

Yang menarik perhatian penulis adalah, pihak yang terlampau beriya-iya mempersoalkan tentang tindakan Majlis Fatwa dan Mahkhamah Syar'iah ini adalah mereka yang bukan beragama Islam. Eh kenapa pula macam itu?

Daripada apa yang penulis belajar daripada seorang Ustaz semasa di Seremban, undang-undang Syari'ah Islam dan Hudud adalah dilaksanakan ke atas orang Islam sahaja, yang bukan Islam pula hukumannya bergantung pada budi-bicara kuasa pemerintah, dalam erti kata lain undang-undang sivil Malaysia. Satu perkara lagi yang Ustaz penulis pernah ajar, hukuman rotan dalam undang-undang Shariah Islam sama sekali berbeza dengan hukuman sebatan biasa dalam undang-undang sivil. Tolonglah jangan mempersoalkan tentang agama kami kalau kamu tidak mahu menganutinya. Dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan pun ada perkara yang menyebut tentang hal ini. Bagi mereka yang beragama Islam janganlah mudah terkeliru dengan anasir-anasir luar ini. Jangan cepat melatah, guna akal dan fikir.

Seseungguhnya segala hukuman di dalam Islam itu adalah bertujuan untuk mendidik individu dan masyarakat tersebut. Perundangan Islam adalah suatu perundangan “Rabbani” yang tidak semestinya semua yang wujud didalamnya dapat difahami dan diketahui falsafahnya oleh manusia di suatu zaman. Mungkin di suatu masa nanti rahsia-rahsianya akan tersingkap semua. [Dato’ Dr Haron Din “Keunggulan Perundangan Islam”]

“Kemudian kami jadikan kamu berada di atas suatu syari’ah (peraturan dan undang-undang) dari urusan (agama) itu, maka ikutilah syari’at itu dan janganlah kamu ikuti hawa nafsu orang-orang yang tidak mengetahuinya. (Surah Al-Jaatsiah: ayat 18)


Your way is yours, and my way is mine

alkafirun.png image by helangsakti

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Say: Oh you who turn away

I worship not that which you worship,

Nor will you worship that which I worship.

And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping,

Nor will you worship that which I worship.

To you be your religion, and to me my religion.

Dengan menyebut nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Panyayang

Katakanlah: Hai orang-orang kafir

Aku tidak akan menyembah apa yang kamu sembah

Dan kamu bukan penyembah tuhan yang aku sembah

Dan aku tidak pernah menjadi penyembah apa yang kamu sembah

Dan kamu tidak pernah (pula) menjadi penyembah Tuhan yang aku sembah

Untukmulah agamamu, dan untukkulah agamaku.

p/s: I write this entry in response to the current issue regarding the caning sentence ordered on part-time model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno. I’ll explain later in my next post.


Monday, August 24, 2009

This is what I think...

Men are the type that speak through actions rather than words

If they’re going to suffer, they want to avoid making other people to support them as much as possible,

They don’t want people to worry about them either,

That’s why they won’t say anything...


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Me And Study

The other day, my friend asked me something that I’m not good at. She’s asking me how to study correctly. Frankly speaking, I’m not sure if I am the right person to give advice to people on this matter. So, I’m gonna share with you my study style when I was in SDAR which I’m proud of. I don’t like my style of study when I was in KMS. =P (baru sedar~)

My class start at 7.20 am and it ended at 2.15pm.

Petang I will be either in class or bilik P.A for 2 hours 3.30pm until 5.30pm, kalau ada homework aku siapkan time ni.

At night another 2 hours 8.30pm until 10.30pm, time kat SDAR aku suke study belakang dewan with my buddies time ni (suppose we have to prep at class =P). We all duduk sama-sama satu meja, but we do revision on our own. Aku prefer macam ni, more flexible and enjoy. Sebab bila penat study tu, bleh sembang-sembang jap.

Aku memang jenis tido awal maybe around 11.30pm dah tdo. Then I woke up in the middle of night, buat apa2 yang patut then study sampai nak dekat azan subuh, around 5.30am. Tido kejap sampai dengar azan.

Another thing is that I’ll always carry one reference book yang comel2 so I can keep it in my pocket. If possible, I’ll try to find a reference book with lots of pictures. I like pictures!!

So, that’s all I guess. I hope this will help you a lil bit. I’m sure everyone has their own study style and habits. Aku rasa aku pun kena betulkan balik style study aku. Together we try our best. InshaALLAH


Friday, August 14, 2009

Movies Pick of The Week (3)

I know not many of my friends yang suke tengok filem melayu kat wayang. Well~ i’m kinda allergic to this one particular director, sebab dia suka sangat buat filem syok sendiri. Last 2 weeks I was in KL, and my best friend just returned back from Egypt. The next day after Friday prayer, we went to One Utama. So nak dijadikan cerita, kitorg pun masuk la panggung tengok SKRIP 7707. Masa dia punya intro je aku dah down, ada nama A Razak Mohaideen. Adoi~. The movie was totally boring!! Tak seram langsung!! Aku dengan member siap boleh gelak-gelak tengok filem tu. There was time that we felt like, “dude jom blah tengok cite lain jom!!” Poster macam gempak, cast sume nak yang glamour but then, I paid RM8 to watch such a low quality movie. Agak kecewa =(. I think Cicakman is much much better than that ‘not-so-horror film’. Then the other day, I went to pyramid with my batchmates (zerodeuxsix). We watched SETEM. I recommend this film to you guys out there. You must watch this movie. Totally pecah perut punya la!! =) What else can you expect from a film that have Afdlin Shauki, Sathiya, and Harun Salim Bachik. (ade sorang lagi mamat yang jadi mat indon, lawak giler dia ni).

p/s: For those who haven't watch TALENTIME, the movie is NOW SHOWING di pawagam yang berdekatan. Don't miss it!!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Betul Juga Cakap Mak

Hari ni mak tegur aku, maybe pasal hari tu bila mak nampak aku emo sangat dengan text message seorang rakan. Mak cakap, “awak tu nak jadi doctor nanti, jumpa masyarakat.... mana boleh macam tu. Kalau tak suka cakap la baik-baik.” Aku cuma balas, “orang tu pun kena la tengok masa juga. Time orang dengan family jangan la kacau,” kemudian aku diam. aku memang tak suka and malas nak reply sms orang, so pepaham la ye. Zero Deux Six dan kawan perempuan (hehehe) terkecuali. Tapi dengan diorg yang terkecuali ni pun bukan selalu aku text, setahun sekali je kot. Lepas mak tegur aku, lama aku fikir ape yang mak cakapkan tu, betul juga cakap mak. Dia mak kita kan, sapa lagi yang berani cakap direct macam tu kalau tak mak kita, so bila dah kena tegur tu pepandai la ubah, tak gitu cik amad. So, pada mereka yang berkenaan, minta maaf la kalau tertunggu-tunggu aku reply sms tak sampai-sampai. Sorry sebab ber'emosi' sangat bila dpt text dari korang. (Cewah minta maaf macam time raya la plak). Ape-ape pun, nak dekat puasa ni, Selamat Menyambut Ketibaan Ramadhan.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Moment of Despair

I’m just a normal guy,

Just another soul in this ‘small figure’,

But then ‘big things’ keep coming in my life,

Is it normal?

Should I listen to the voice inside my head?

Or should I follow what my heart said,

I’m confused,

Is it normal?

It’s not my problem,

Why should I care?

Leave it to the elders,

They know what to do, or they don’t?

I have doubt,

Is it normal?

Dear LORD,

I pray before you,

Bestow me your guidance,

The wisdom of your Messengers,

And the knowledge of your Angels,

For me to face this challenging moment in my life.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


"That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind".

-Neil Armstrong-

We always questioned about what others can do for us,

“What can the government do for the Rakyat?”

“What can the policemen do to make my neighbourhood safe 24/7?”

“What can the college...?”

“What can my parents...?”

But we hardly ever questioned to ourselves what we can do to help others. If today we can give our seat to a pregnant woman, maybe next time people will do the same to your mom or your wife. Is it that difficult to clean the public toilet after you used it? Why can’t we put the sweet wrapper in our pocket instead of buang sepah-sepah? “Ala~ bende kecik je, takdenye tercemar alam ni pasal satu plastic gula-gula.” Ok fine. Just imagine if 28, 276, 000 Malaysian think like that, and by the year 2100 we will not have enough space to live, then what?? Underwater?? Outerspace?? Sometimes we do want to do good things, but we afraid of what other people might say.. kan..kan.

“poyo la tu...”

“tunjuk baik depan cikgu..”

“tunjuk baik depan aweks..”

“tunjuk baik depan parents...”

“nak ‘pancing’ la tu”

Ask this question to yourself... Which one is better, people that do good to others (tak kisah la ade udang sebalik batu ke ape) and those who condemn others that do good?

There are people who go after our humanity

That tell you that the light in your heart is a weakness

Don’t believe it

It’s an old tactic of cruel people to kill kindness in the name of virtue

There’s nothing wrong with love, kindness

There are just times in life when we feel lost. It happens...

And it’s a bond