Thursday, September 1, 2011

Starting over again

Hai peeps and assalamualaikum. As I promised earlier, i’ll be back in september and here i am... blogging again. Some people did asked me, “why did you stop blogging for a month? Are you going somewhere? Are you sick?”. Thank you for your concern but there’s nothing to be worried about. I am well and still breathing, sihat walafiat.

The reason why i took a break from blogging for a month because i’ve got big exams going on last month. And also i’ve been thinking for some new idea for this blog, other skills that i can learn, muhasabbah diri during Ramadhan, and also try to reorganize myself. Alhamdulillah everything so far is going parallel to what i had planned, only a small part of the plan which I have to admit that He have a better plot for me.

Starting over. Yup, this will be a new beginning for me. Some friends of mine keep asking me “why do blog?” Honestly when i started to blog, it never crossed my mind to look for fame or respect. I do this because i know i’m not very good at giving speech in front of people, but still I want to share my opinion and things that i know with my family, friends and people around me. I said this to myself “if i can’t give a speech, well at least i should write something, it is better than doing nothing.” I don’t expect people to believe in everything that i post in this blog, you can double check every fact or any verse of quran that i put in this blog if you don’t trust me. I don’t mind if you don’t agree with me because you might be right and i’m wrong or vice versa. At the end of the day you and i will be learning something good. Isn’t that great *smile*

Another reason why i do blog is because i want to leave something, a story, a journey, of my experience, my ups and downs to whoever that wants to read bout it, but i dedicate this blog especially to my family. I am the kind of person that can easily be inspired by other people’s stories because they help me to improve myself and be a better person. I want my family and my friends to feel the same. I am nobody, but even if there is a small portion of my writing that can prevent you from doing bad things or encourage you to do good things, that is good enough for me. I just hope that Allah will grant me pahala for that.

"you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead. Either write things worth reading or do things worth writing" - Benjamin Franklin-

There’s only a thing that i hope you people to understand, i am a student of life. What i write today might be contraindicated to the things that i wrote in the past. If the change is in a good way i sincerely hope for your support, but if it is the other way around please remind me so that i wouldn’t drift so far away.

*sound effect* Tada!!! i would like to introduce the new format for this blog. I’ll be doing new post every week insyaAllah, and each week will have different theme:

Week 1: islamic reminder

Week 2: what’s up with life

Week 3: zaman muda-muda

Week 4: movie review/wira and putri/people.places

p/s: amacam, ok tak design baru blog ni?? heheheh


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