Sunday, October 31, 2010

Childhood Hobby Is Back (2)

Here it is!!! The second member of my AUTOBOT collection of TRANSFORMERS: Revenge Of The Fallen. Behold the loyal guardian BATTLE OPS BUMBLEBEE. I bought him from e-bay US. To compare this one with OPTIMUS PRIME, he is better in terms of the sounds that he makes and also I like his gun. For now I'm extremely happy to have these two members of AUTOBOT.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Childhood Hobby Is Back (1)

I've already mentioned in one of my previous post that I like collecting cool stuff. I've a box of POKEMONs, the first generation of POWER RANGERS robots and all the 6 RANGERS, BATMAN & ROBIN toys. All which are now seat silently in a box, waiting for decent shelves where I can put them on display *hahaha*. I'm not really into remote control cars, but since my dad like that kind of toys so I kindda like it a little. In this post I want to share with all the visitor(s) of this blog my new collection of TRANSFORMERS: Revenge Of The Fallen. The figures are quite accurate with the one that you see in the movie. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you LEADER CLASS OPTIMUS PRIME


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Am I Going To Be A Good Doctor?

Many times when I was waiting for the class to commence, I’ll be looking around watching my friends chatting with each other, laughing, eating, reading. And when the class is about to start, there always 2 or 3 person that will enter the class after that. We are lucky because all the lecturers here are nice and not that strict (although there are some that very strict). Sometimes I do wonder why they can’t be in class on time? During first year maybe they overslept since our class started at 8am but now in second year we start at 9am. I said this to myself, once the teacher is already in the class I’ll not enter the class. That I can promise.

Being a medical student is tough, I assure you that. We can’t help ourselves from being so sleepy in class sometimes. Even though I feel super-ngantuk­, I’ll try my best to get a hold of my eye to not fall asleep in class. How amazing some of my friends can just sleep through-out the lecture!! I can see the lecturers do notice them sleeping in their class. You can say “alah~ they sure understand. We study till late night, that’s why we were damn tired in class”. Again we are so lucky because some of the lecturers very understanding.

I asked this question to myself. Will all people be lenient like that? I mean I’m going to be a doctor in the future and people, patient, the community will observe every little thing that I do. How punctual the doctor is? Does the doctor treat the patient with respect or not? How does he communicate with the patient? Does the doctor talk bad about the patient when he/she is not around? So many times I heard my family and my friends complaint about their meeting with those not-so-polite doctors and they keep reminding me “ Nanti bila dah jadi doctor, jangan buat macam tu?”

You see it’s not just me, people are observing us Doctors and Future-Doctors!!! The career that I choose requires me to communicate with people most of the times, and either I like it or not ATTITUDE does matter. Of course we don’t want people to say

Ceh, kalau orang cakap kat depan pun dia tak boleh respect inikan lagi orang sakit”

“Apalah Doktor ni masuk duty lambat. Ni mesti masa sekolah dulu pun kaki masuk kelas lambat”

“Hampeh punya doctor. Dia ingat dia doctor, aku nurse so dia lagi hebat!!??”

These are all the possible comments that me and my friends are going to get once we become physician. Bad comments obviously not good for business right!! So all of these are going to be a reminder for me and my friends who InsyaAllah are going to be doctors, to start training ourselves to be a good, humble and generous doctors. Brain and Heart if I may say are the most important organs in our body. To be a good doctor I believe we need those two also if you know what I mean.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Try To Understand

Have you ever felt that sometimes "PEOPLE JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU". It hurts right just to have a thought like that. I’ve experienced it so many times. When this happen I’m pretty sure that you’ll feel so disappointed, sad, not in the mood etc. , especially when the person you love the most didn’t appreciate your feeling. *This is what we have in mind most of the time when we have an argument with someone*

When I was 13, I studied in Seremban and my family in Johor. It was my first time to be far away from my family and I was hoping that my parents would come and visit me once a month. What happen was, my father only came to visit me in the fourth month. Some of my friends their parents came to see them every week ,and at first I was quite disappoint with my parents for not realizing my needs. I need my Family. I assumed my parents didn’t understand what I want.

After some time I tried to rationalize their action. They drove from Johor to Seremban for 3.5 hours. Then they have to pay for the gas (RM50) and toll (RM35) -one way- just to visit me once. During that time, I just needed RM50 a month for my expenses so I thought rather than wasting RM170 just to come and see me for 3 hours it would be more economical if they just post the money. Although my parents didn’t actually explained to me like that, but that just me making an assumption. You know, just to ease those negative thoughts that I have and it works *smile*. I HAVE TO UNDERSTAND that they also have other priorities, my other siblings also need their attention.

That was when I learnt that IT’S OKAY if people that you know didn’t appreciate your feeling. I mean that was you being emotional which makes you think “people don’t understand me” but the truth is who knows if they understand you or not right. ^_^. Why don’t we ask this question to ourselves whenever we have that kind of thought

I expect others to understand what I want, but do I ever try to understand them too?”

Most of the time this problem was due to miscommunication mak tak faham anak, anak tak faham mak, suami tak faham isteri, kawan laki tak faham kawan perempuan... Such a small problem but as usual we always make it looks like such a big deal. Then mulalah nak masam-masam muka, tarik-tarik muka, merajuk sana-sini. *sigh* Yaw fellow tiada penyakit dalam dunia ini yang tak ada ubat kecuali mati, we just have TO BE CREATIVE. Men and women speak different language, old people and young people speak different language. How can you understand others language if you don’t learn from them right?