Thursday, May 30, 2013

Love you always.

I’m sorry for writing this but I don’t think I can endure to keep this feeling with me any longer. I tried to write about you several times before this, but each and every time I decided to keep those thoughts with me because I don’t want to cause sadness to others too, especially Along. Whenever I miss you, I’ll go to your blog and read those wonderful and inspiring words of yours, and the tears will come. I miss you so much. I miss laughing to the jokes that you made, I miss listening to your insight about things, I miss when kita sama-sama kacau syira, I miss to go out and hangout with you at mamak watching football match. I always pray for you there to be under Allah’s blessing and mercy, and I pray to Allah that we will meet and be together again in Jannah. Love you always brother. Al-Fatihah.