Friday, July 24, 2015

Private Excursion: Grand Lexis Port Dickson

I went to this place with my family last year in December. At first my uncles plan for a trip to Indonesia, then I suggest for us to go to this place since it's in Malaysia, so we can cut cost on air travel. 

We reached there around 2pm, but since our rooms were not ready yet, they let us to wait at the pirate bar and provided us with free refreshment (sandwiches, nuggets and juice). Around 4pm, our rooms were ready. The rooms were quite a distance actually and it was raining that day, luckily they do provide free shuttle service for the guests to their rooms, so we don't have to carry our bags.

Let's talk about the room now. We booked 4 garden villas with private swimming pool. As we entered the room, oh my goodness!!! I was so excited. Spacious room, with 2 queen size beds, dry kitchen, wooden floor and a private swimming pool. Totally worth with the price!!!

Most people like to go for shopping during vacation but for me, I prefer to do physical activities, chill out enjoy the beautiful scenery. Grand Lexis PD do meet my ideal place for private vacation. You can do lots of activities there. We can enjoy any of these facilities (have to pay) like archery, beach volleyball, kids playground, bicycle rental service, gymnasium, and my favorite The Segway.

Their breakfast buffet was nice. If you want to dine-in somewhere else no need to worry, there are few restaurants nearby, and if you just too lazy to move around there's always room service, just pick up the phone and place your order.

All in all, if you are looking for a place to take your family for a short trip where your wife and daughters (Muslim especially) can take a dip in the swimming pool in private, I do recommend Grand Lexis PD. I know the cost per night a bit expensive, but still affordable for common people. If you really intend to bring your family for vacation to this place, I suggest to start saving from now. Then let your family know that you have worked hard all year long planning for the vacation. They will surely appreciate your effort!!! InsyaAllah, di mana ada kemahuan, pasti ada jalan.

May you and your family will always be blessed under Allah guidance.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Movie Pick of The Week (21) #JurassicWorld

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This is the most recent movie that I watched in the cinema which I think a month back before Ramadhan. Well, this is one of the movies that I put in my must-watch-list for this year. Should I tell you that I'm a big fan of Jurassic Park franchise. I have been following the movie franchise since the video tape era. Haven't heard about video tape? Wow, you childhood must be boring. Hahahaha (Just kidding) 

The only reason I like Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park 3 and Jurassic World is, it gave me the feeling of "I wish a park like this will exist one day!" I was very impressed when I watched Jurassic Park for the first time. I really thought they were real!!! Yeah, it can be kinda scary being chased by the raptor, but you can't deny the adrenaline rush out of excitement from the adventure and those surreal CGI dinosaurs images in the film. I wish there will be another Jurassic Park film in the future. You must watch this film guys, SERIOUSLY!!!


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ini Cherita Aku: Cherita Tiga

“Kentang Goreng Burger King”

Lokasi: Hadapan Burger King Seri Alam
Waktu: 3.45 PM

Petang tu saya akan balik ke Melaka dengan bas dari Larkin Sentral. Kebetulan ada individu yang sudi untuk menghantar saya ke Larkin, kami berjanji untuk berjumpa di hadapan Burger King Seri Alam. Sementara menunggu, tetiba perut terasa lapar jadi saya pun masuk ke dalam restoran Burger King tu untuk membungkus makanan. Sekurang-kurangnya nanti dah sampai Melaka tak payah la nak keluar makan lagi.

Selepas dah beli makanan saya pun keluar dari Burger King, sambal-sambil tu saya makan la sikit kentang goreng yang ada. Tengah-tengah saya berdiri tunggu kawan, tetiba saya didatangi oleh seorang Pak Cik berbangsa Cina. Dia datang kepada saya dan bertanya,

                “Adik, mintak sikit makan boleh?”

                “Boleh, boleh. Uncle ambil semua fries ni, saya tak makan sangat pun.”

                “Okay. Okay (tertunduk-tunduk). Thank you ah.”

Saya perhatikan sahaja dia berlalu pergi selepas itu. Dia tidak datang kepada saya untuk meminta duit, tetapi dia datang kepada saya untuk meminta sedikit makanan. Saya dapat merasai kejujuran dia sebab itu saya tidak berfikir panjang untuk memberi. Pemberian saya pada masa itu tidak banyak, dan mungkin itu bahagian rezeki dia yang Allah berikan kepadanya melalui saya.

Dalam perjalanan ke Larkin saya terfikir. Sungguh cantik aturan Allah. DIA telah menunjukkan sifat ehsanNya kepada kami berdua. DIA memberi saya peluang untuk bersedekah dan dalam pada masa yang sama, DIA memberikan rezeki kepada hambanya tanpa mengira agama dan bangsa. Dengan hanya sebungkus kentang goreng, dua jiwa berasa tenteram dan bahagia.