Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I don't have a child

She was sitting there alone, watching small kids running, laughing, playing happily at the playground. Then she was approached by a lady with a stroller. The lady smiled at her, “can I sit here?” She smiled back at her, 

“Oh yes, please.”

“Where’s your kid?”

“Oh no, I come here alone. I just like to watch them playing.”

Then they started to talk about themselves and get to know each other. She told the lady that she’d been married to her husband for 5 years now and they still don’t have a child. She said she’s always feeling jealous every time she saw couple walk around with kids. She felt lonely. Her sister is blessed with four kids and her brother has 5 kids.

“We have extra rooms in the house, cars, and enough money to raise children, but still we are not bless with children yet.”