Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dan Brown's Books

Voila!!! Finally I have all the Dan Brown’s novels!!! *smile* I just started reading his novel this year, the first one that I read was The Da Vinci Code. Before this many people told me that the novel was much better than the movie. I already watched the movie before this, and I think everyone will agree with me if I said the movie was superb. So when they said the novel was more intriguing, that made me even more excited to read the book.

The thing is international books in Malaysia are quite expensive. Every time I went to a bookstore I just browsed around and keep telling myself that one day I’ll buy the whole collection of my favorite authors. Alhamdulillah, one of my dreams came true this year.

I really like thriller novels. My favorite author for Malay thriller novel is Ramlee Awang Murshid. You might be knowing him if you had read ADAM, TOMBIRUO, SEMANGAT HUTAN and BAGAIKAN PUTERI. And now I already have my favorite english author, Dan Brown. InsyaAllah, I’ll allocate some time to read these books other than medical books.We should do that no? Don't just read school textbooks, spend sometime to read other types of books also to broaden our knowledge and horizons, so we can look at the world from different perspectives. Keep on reading people!!!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ustaz Hussain Yee

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani. 

Alhamdulillah pada Ramadhan yang lepas, saya telah "ditemukan" dengan Dr. Zakir Naik dan InsyaAllah di kesempatan yang ada ini, ingin saya kongsikan bersama dengan pembaca SONOFANWAR tentang seorang lagi Sheikh yang baru saya kenali pada Ramadhan kali ini. Beliau adalah Sheikh Hussain Yee.

Serba sedikit tentang latar belakang beliau. Sheikh Hussain Yee lahir pada tahun 1950 dalam keluarga Cina beragama Buddha dan mula memeluk Islam pada usia 18 tahun. Beliau pernah menuntut di Universiti di Madinah dalam ilmu Hadith, dan kemudian pernah bertugas di Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islam Malaysia (PERKIM) pada tahun 1984. Selain bertindah sebagai pengerusi Institusi Al-Khadeem di Kuala Lumpur, beliau juga adalah salah seorang speaker di PeaceTV bersama-sama dengan speaker lain seperti Dr. Zakir Naik. Terdapat banyak video ceramah beliau yang boleh di tonton di YouTube. Jika ada kelapangan pada bila-bila masa, sama-samalah kita mendengar ceramah agama beliau. Mudah-mudahan penghayatan kita terhadap ajaran Islam semakin bertambah, InsyaAllah.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Be a cheerful Muslim

Some people think by being religious, we Muslims are not allowed to be cheerful and have a sense of humor. Everything is HARAM!!! This is not true at all. In Saheeh Muslim, it says that the Prophet (pbuh) said:

“Do not think little of any good deed, even if it is just meeting your brother with a cheerful countenance”

We can see the difference between this sublime society and the materialistic society. I must admit, sometimes I am too preoccupied with my gadgets in a public place. If you really are in a tight schedule once in a while, that’s fine. People can understand that, but still at least smile when you meet others. “Ala kita senyum nanti bukannya orang tu nak senyum balik. Muka nak ‘ketat’ je.” Brother let me ask you this question, do you smile all the time? If not, don’t whine about it. You smile to someone, even if that person doesn’t smile back, do it anyway. *smile*

Can Muslims tell jokes? Of course we can. Even our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to joke, but he never said anything but the truth in his jokes. There’s nothing wrong to joke with people when it is appropriate to do so, but do it without going to extremes or saying anything hurtful. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) every time he told a joke, he did so to cheer people up, unlike some of us who tells joke to humiliate others.